Go Away, Judical Activists–No, Wait, Come Back!

I’m going to make our liberal readers’ heads spin around. They may even vomit split pea soup.

Last month, the US Supreme Court made a decision that took a large portion of the country completely by surprise. In a 5-4 decision, a decades-old set of rules governing campaign finance was stricken down. The majority decision was that these campaign finance laws flew in the face of the First Amendment by denying corporations or other groups their freedom to spend their money as they like. Here’s where I send the liberals into conniptions:

I agree with the ruling.

In light of the mass amounts of money being poured into Democrat coffers by trial lawyers, labor unions and other special interests groups, I’m not keen on the implications that this has. I don’t like the idea of special interests being able to put even more money into liberal or even socialist causes. It is not, however, about what I like or don’t like; it’s about what’s right, and according to our Constitution, laws putting strict caps on how people spend their money were wrong.

What’s more, the minority opinion wasn’t based on law necessarily. It was based more on the implications that I just discussed rather than anything else. What Obama and all of the liberals who blindly follow him don’t realize is that it is not the job of the judicial branch to legislate or decide what’s best for America. Their job is to interpret the law in the light of the Constitution.

What was that about activist judges…?

Then, in a first-ever move for a sitting President, Obama took his opportunity during the SOTU Address to take a very public, very catty swipe at the justices. And he did it with all nine of the justices sitting directly in front of him. Democrats, in keeping with the new liberal ideal, jumped to their feet. Those sitting behind the justices even leaned in to make sure they really heard their displeasure. It was a display of unbelievable disrespect the likes of which we have never seen. Every Democrat in office deserves to be censured for it.

It is one thing to challenge a judicial decision during Congressional sessions and hearings. It is another entirely to stand up during such a revered event and scold the judiciary in such wanton fashion. Our system of checks and balances isn’t perfect, but it has worked for more than 230 years. Trashing those judges to their faces in front of Congress and the entire nation was a shameful display not unlike a two-year-old screaming and kicking his mother in the shins for not buying him something at the store.

If the Democrats want to pitch a temper tantrum about not getting their way, fine–they can do it at home after we vote them out of office.