The Hate Speech of Liberalism

I know I promised to post my blog about “who’s the real Nazi” yesterday, but I ended up getting tied up and this, I think, requires attention more urgently.

I just had someone send me a message over Facebook telling me to “listen to 1480 AM to deprogram” myself. I told him that, in fact, I HAVE listened to the local Air America network on occasion (which is significant, because I don’t listen to any radio programming very often). The writer did not respond–I don’t think he could handle the fact that I do actually listen to multiple points of view before I make my choice on what I believe about an issue and still tend to come out on the conservative side of things even though I’m a lesbian.

I really don’t think he could take that. What? You’re a lesbian and you say you think for yourself, but you’re politically conservative? Blasphemy! That’s like a cow trying to call itself a butcher! A Jew calling himself a Nazi! A black man calling himself the supreme grand dragon of the KKK!

I’ve had so many people try to shove down my throat the view that if I am gay, I am supposed to be liberal. That’s just the way it is, right? Because all of those conservatives, all of those folks who vote Republican, are hatemongers, right?

I have a particular string of expletives tickling the tips of my fingers, but Steve will have apoplexy if I let them out. I don’t know how I managed to miss this–it happened just last week–but Mike Malloy, a favorite on liberal talk radio, was caught on air wishing for Glen Beck to commit suicide. Not only did he wish for Beck’s death, he wished for him to do it on camera, live, for the whole world to see.

And conservatives are the hatemongers? Tell me, folks, how often have you ever heard Limbaugh, or Coulter, or Malkin, or Bruce, or Hannity, or any other conservative pundit say something so vile? Listen for yourself:


I can’t say I’m speechless, because as you can tell, I’m not. I’m not sure how I feel about this, though. Obviously I’m horrified. I cannot believe that any person, regardless of political affiliation or ideal, would actually say this and mean it. Malloy did mean it. And the fact that the liberal news media has patently ignored it tells me that they don’t care. When Don Imus made his “nappy-headed hoes” crack, he was wrong, and was correctly taken to task for it. But where’s the justice for Malloy’s outrageous remarks?

Of course…there will be none. He’s justified in saying it, isn’t he? I mean, those conservatives are just so…hateful!

Mr. Malloy, I just lost my best friend to suicide on June 13. His ex-wife was probably happy about it because she got what she wanted: sole custody of their son. But I knew my friend to be a giving, loving, empathetic man who cared about the world around him. On Christmas one year I watched him buy smokes and beers for a group of homeless vets that he saw regularly near I-17 and Camelback, then tell them to use the money they’d gotten that day to get some food. There were plenty of things we disagreed on, but we agreed to disagree. I saw the nature God had given him and it was beautiful.

That you can make such a callous, careless remark tells me that you have never survived losing someone you love to suicide. You’ve never had a person you once loved blame you for their death, nor have you ever asked yourself what you could have done to make their lives seem more livable. No matter how much I may dislike a person, I would never, EVER, wish for them to commit suicide because every person–no matter how bad they may be in my estimation–has several others who love them and would be in hell under such circumstances. Having nearly succeeded in killing myself some six years ago, I understand that deep, dark hole my friend was in. And I am appalled that not a single liberal in America has come out and tried to give you the castigation that you rightly deserve.

With the hate speech of liberalism so thinly veiled (if at all), I am once again flabbergasted that so many point the finger at me and tell me that I’m a hypocrite for being a gay conservative. I’m the extremist. I’m the hatemonger.

If you want to know where the hate lies, take a good, long look in the mirror.

UPDATE: for those who might argue that Malloy didn’t really mean it, here’s his renewed call for Beck to commit suicide just two days after his original remarks: