“Anonymous” Thatcher “Aide” Says Palin is “Nuts,” Claim Thatcher is Snubbing Palin

I am writing about this as I am certain this “aide” is going to regret their words.

Tonight, once again, Sarah Palin is sending the blogosphere into full swing.

An article published in The Guardian claims that Palin is planning a trip to Sudan in July and desired to pass through England on the way back with a hope to meet with Margaret Thatcher, a pioneer to worldwide conservative politics.

Alan Colmes immediately posted tonight on it stating the story as it was: ONE anonymous aide said something to a reporter.  The remainder of Thatcher’s staff who would go on record merely point out that her health is very dire and that the only meeting/event Thatcher is trying very hard to attend is the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan on July 4th.

The best depiction is that of the LA Times which blatantly headlines: “Margaret Thatcher refuses to Meet with Sarah Palin” and begins with a photograph of Thatcher with CARTER and follows with an unflattering photo of Sarah Palin looking whacky.

The media is going off the deep end folks and before they scare fellow Republicans into writing off Palin, I certainly hope the remaining Republicans out there who have a little integrity about them remember they can do this to any candidate we pick.

If we give in to them and their blatant bias, they win.  I refuse to do so.