Matters of Political Importance

I just got into a tit-for-tat with a Twitter user who apparently thinks I’m ignorant for being a lesbian who isn’t interested in gay marriage rights. He isn’t the first to say something like that (although “ignorant” is probably the nicest thing I’ve been called by a liberal after hearing that I refuse to vote solely on the basis of which candidate is for gay marriage rights). He certainly won’t be the last. What’s more interesting is that the conversation started over a comment that Obama couldn’t be a Marxist because he’s a millionaire “moderate”. He made that comment to actor Adam Baldwin.

The user I was responding to said it was “sad” that I’m part of a political group that is against me. That’s exactly what he said. THEN he wanted me to “name one GOP member who is for gay marriage.”

That’s when I said it: I’m not for gay marriage. Not that I’m against it, I’m just not for it at the moment. That was when kingfish called me a bigot, Baldwin got sarcastic with him, and I ended the discussion – because we weren’t having a discussion. It was a bashing session, which is the only thing today’s liberals are capable of most of the time.

Here’s my problem: there are much more important things right now than gay marriage. I have blogged before that I would like to be able to marry my girlfriend one day, but now it just isn’t going to happen. This isn’t all that much like the civil rights fight of the 60’s; we’re not talking about something as obvious as skin color here. DADT has been repealed. That was the one sticking point with me, the one block to my rights as a gay American that I was angriest about. The government was already booted out of my bedroom. They don’t have any right to tell me that I can’t love who I love. Now they can’t tell me that I can’t serve my country, and that’s a huge deal for me.

Marriage, though? That’s a fight we’re not going to win overnight, and there are other issues that need to be faced before we can hope to address gay marriage.

Liberalism is a danger that it wasn’t before. There was a time when being liberal was important; liberal views helped free the slaves, end Jim Crow laws, end segregation…but then liberalism took an extreme twist. Somewhere in the 1970’s, liberalism morphed into a precursor to the extreme it is today. Bernard Goldberg, one of my favorite journalists, still considers himself a “classic liberal”. A classic liberal doesn’t believe in taxing the wealthy above everyone else or putting limits on free speech via the so-called “fairness doctrine”. A classic liberal doesn’t believe in social engineering by forcing gas prices into the stratosphere to bully people into “green alternatives” and other such nonsense. Your run-of-the-mill liberal, however, will call conservative women foul names, call those who disagree bigots and racists, then attack conservatives as liars and homophobes – all while their own people give us legislation like DADT and DOMA and they all scream for more civility.

Any more of this tolerance of theirs and my head might explode.

Every single time I get into a tangle with a liberal, be it on Twitter, a news article, or some other forum for political discussion, they always say the same things:

Liberal: how can you be FOR a group that is against you?

Mel: they’re not against me.

Lib: name one GOP candidate who is for gay marriage.

Mel: when did marriage enter the picture? The issue isn’t gay marriage…

Lib: it’s the ONLY issue! They won’t let you marry! They HATE you!

Mel: actually, the only person who hates me right now is you.


Mel: You cannot be serious…

The funniest part is when they try to define the word “bigot” for me, as if I never studied English in college and have no idea what the word means. On this occasion, kingfish actually linked Wikipedia (insert Soledad O’Brien joke here) for the definition. Here’s the official Webster version:

Bigot (noun): a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

Short breakdown: I’m not against gays. I AM gay. Believing that the economy and several Constitutional issues are more important than gay marriage at the moment does not now and will never make me anti-gay. Disagreeing with the running liberal narrative that gay marriage should be the only thing I care about does not make me anti-gay or anti-marriage. The only thing I refuse to tolerate is intellectual laziness – and when you call me a bigot over the gay marriage issue, you are being intellectually lazy.

To answer your original statement, kingfish, yes, it is entirely possible for a rich man to be a Marxist (calling Obama a moderate is ludicrous on its face). Those who agitate “the people” in favor of Marxism are often those already holding the purse strings – the elites who want to tell us all how we should live. Isn’t that the very hypocrisy you accuse Christians of? Or do you really think that Christians are the only ones capable of being liars and thieves?

If my rights as an American citizen are taken from me – if America ceases to be the independent and free nation it was created to be – my right to marry my girlfriend will not matter in the least. That is why other issues are more important than gay marriage for me, because I see liberals calling our current extremist of a president a “moderate” and I see exactly where this is headed if we don’t do something about it.