Airports Warned Again (Can we profile now?)

It’s all over the news tonight that airport security all over the country is being warned to keep an eye out for “terror dry runs.”

The articles mention various situations in the last year and some find certain correlation factors between these instances and pre-9/11 tests performed.

Does this mean we all will be inconvenienced and harrassed again by airport security?

Various liberals make the point that while we all are suspicious of middle-eastern men standing in line at the airport security lines, we must not engage in discriminatory pro-filing and we must limit the searches to a certain number of Arabs per flight.

Since we all admit to racial profiling at airports personally, then why the hell would we not allow the police, security officers, and the ones properly trained in these areas to do so? 

It seems that the only thing liberals are afraid of is making it official.  This is of course one of the many things they advocate that makes absolutely no sense to me.

Moreover; this news directly contradicts Congressional Democrats who just struck down the John Doe amendment.