Daily News Shots, 06/18/2010

Your humble lil’ blogger, Mel Maguire, is now back with the News Shots…mostly because I’m shaking my head incredulously.

Hillary Clinton jumped the gun yesterday in telling the people of Ecuador in a televised interview that the Obama administration has decided to sue the State of Arizona over SB 1070 – the infamous immigration bill. Whether it was her female incapacity to keep her mouth shut, inflamed by an addiction to gossip, or an intense desire to have something relevant to say for once in her career, the former president-by-proxy let slip that the Department of Justice had already decided to sue Arizona to stop the law from going into effect. At first Obama spokesmen claimed that Clinton had misspoken; today, however, they’re all singing a different tune as the DoJ has made public their decision to build a case to sue.

Immediately following this news came the news that the federal government, having decided that Arizona no longer needs to worry about drug gangs and human smugglers, has decided to award the Grand Canyon State a $1.25 million grant to build rope bridges. What sounds like a spectacular hiking adventure is all for naught, however, as the bridges are being built for the Mount Graham red squirrel. Apparently, there are a limited number of these squirrels and about five of them are killed annually trying to cross rural roads. Following the unprecedented sharp drop in deaths of human beings along the US/Mexico border that has occurred thanks to the swift intervention of the Border Patrol the feds have decided that it is now important to focus on the little guy.

The legal residents of Arizona are reportedly ecstatic.

After nearly 60 days of monumental gaffes in their handling of the Gulf oil spill, the federal government has matched their own stupidity. First the government gave direction to BP regarding which methods they could use to cap the well, demanding that they attempt the most farfetched methods first; within three days of the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, however, the Dutch government offered skimming vessels that would collect oily water, remove the oil and spray the water back into the ocean only to be rebuffed by the government thanks to EPA regulations on how the water could be cleaned. THEN Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was told he couldn’t build barrier islands until an “environmental impact study” could be carried out on the effect of said islands. The Keystone Kops are at it again, this time forcing barges to sit idly off the Louisiana coast. Apparently the Coast Guard stopped the barges to determine whether the vessels had proper fire extinguishers and life vests on board. They were unable to determine this by giving the ships a once-over, though, because they’re apparently blind. So they had to try to reach the company that built the barges and are still having trouble getting through. Bobby Jindal was speechless.

Finally, Hartford, CT mayor Eddie Perez has been convicted of five charges of bribery and extortion. While the mainstream media has had no trouble calling out Republicans who own stock in oil companies (and ignoring Democrats who do, including John Kerry), they have repeatedly refused to point out the political affiliations of Perez and other dirty politicians from the past few years who have been indicted on corruption charges. You may find many stories about the trials and convictions, but rarely will you ever hear the truth.

So that it cannot be mistaken, folks, Eddie Perez, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are all DEMOCRATS, every one bleeding-heart liberals. You heard it here first.