Tired of SarahMania? Thank a Liberal.

Since I woke up this morning until just moments ago — on Super Bowl Sunday — on the same day a clean energy plant exploded, people just cannot stop looking at or searching for Sarah Palin.

First, we had our usual liberals assailing her for her hard words on Obama last night.  Even the folks on MSNBC promoted her from “dumb” to a “merchant of hate!” 

The immediately liberals started doing Exorcist-head-spins over the fact that during the speech, Palin had some notes written on her hand, comparing it to her joke on Barack Obama’s teleprompter.  Gazing at notes on your hand is a very usual process for many giving speeches.  Since I have personally shaken her hand, I can almost guarantee she did not have the entire 1-hour-long speech written on her little palm. 

 She did make one gaffe.  Instead of saying that America was not seen as the shining beacon by the rest of the world because of Obama, she said “Alaska.”  Even I chuckled, just as I chuckled when Obama proclaimed we had 57 states.

Then she did a full hour interview with Chris Wallace today for Fox News Sunday.

In this interview, she revealed that she was not ruling out a presidential run.  Coupled with last night’s “Run Sarah Run!” chant at the tea party convention, this was enough to set off firestorms all throughout media outlets and boy have the liberals come out screaming today.

Honestly, I caught Chris Wallace’s program this morning as I was getting out of the shower and getting ready to head into the office for a little while.  I also watched her speech last night.  Friday-Sunday are the only nights I don’t work until 1 a.m. so I got lucky.

With all the hullaballoo, you would think Palin has officially announced her candidacy.  But liberals won’t stop.  They constantly ask the question to give the answer.  I can only assume she’s sick of getting the question and tired of giving her stock-card answer: ‘that’s so far off, I am focusing on 2010.’  So today, Wallace turned it around and in lieu of asking if she’d run, he asked if she wouldn’t. 

Obviously just as she won’t confirm one way, she merely replied the total opposite.  ‘No I won’t rule it out.’ 

As much as I love the idea of it, I almost wish she’d give a solid answer of “no!” to running.  I’d really like to see what liberals would do. 

Honestly, Palin has accumulated more power by becoming the leader of the grassroots movements.  Anybody can run for President.  Butrarely does one person comes around who can lead a movement so effectively without an official title, one that outsells both Hillary and Obama with her first book, one that sends ratings of every talk-show she visits soaring all the way through the roof — just as she does with the blood pressure of watchdogs camped out at the White House late at night.

While Sarah Palin drags in headlines by the truckload with one speech or one book-signing, the poor President is standing off in the shadows smiling brightly as if to say: “hey guys, what about me!?”  With one Twitter/Facebook post sent from her kitchen in Alaska, she alters the plans of a health care disaster executed under a “super majority” and causes all pages in the House Bill — referring to incentivizing Doctors with our tax dollars to have end-of-life discussions with certain patients — to get ripped from the bill before passage.

She’s not elected to anything.  Still, current politicians waited with bated breath to hear what she had to say last night.

A woman with this level of power, who earns $100K from one speech (of which every penny will be put back into the conservative cause) and is paid $10M to  innocuously sell a book, should almost never run for any elected office.  Everything that she has delivered on could have not occurred if she were an elected official.  Sarah’s great as she is…a strong feminist in a powerful position because of free market principles — not because of a political establishment.

While we may never know what she’s going to say or do next — let alone in 2012 or 2016, I guarantee liberals will keep searching and reading and commenting on every web page they can in aggressive opposition.  That’s power no President can ever match.