To think, some actually compared Him to Reagan….

******Post Update******

In honor of our three visibly upset “progressives”, I am changing the “him” in the title of this post to “Him” since their Messiah only fell short of the great Ronald Reagan by 4 million viewers even though He spent dozens more on His party than our wonderful Reagan did (and since we all know just how much “progressives” love Biblical references).

After all, it’s the closest thing to afterglow they will ever experience. Let’s not ruin it for them completely.

As we now know, he spent much more on his inauguration than any other President.  We know that tatoo shops were giving out free tattos with his name on it.  We also know Pepsi even tried to cash in by having their logo resemble his.

At the end of the day, with all the media support, he still could not touch the ratings and numbers of viewers of Reagan’s inauguration.

Mr. Obama had 37.8M viewers for his overpriced shin dig.

But Mr. Reagan reigns supreme with 41.8M viewers.

The end could be drawing nearer and even if it all ended tomorrow, we can still see who the true great communicator was.