Now we know why Edwards was offended…

…….after the MSM had characterized Ann Coulter’s wuss remark about him as an “anti-gay slur.” 

Bob Shrum’s book, No Excuses remembers and documents Edwards being uncomfortable with gay people in 1998.

And what’s more – the article above also documents Bill Clinton advocating support of local gay-marriage bans.

More reason for gays to wake up to the “phony” support and love they believe they are getting from the Democratic party.

Gay-Beating Victim Points Political Fingers

Sunday an Australian “gay activist” alleged he was beaten while in Moscow for their second gay pride parade. 

In America we like to call this “yet another reason to elect Republicans.”  Liberals’ easy penalties against hardened criminals just won’t cut it to make me happy, sorry!

In any case, the victim said:

“Russian orthodox fundamentalists together with right-wing nationalists and neo-nazis attacked the Gay Pride marchers as we assembled outside City Hall.”

Then later remarked:

“The right-wing gangs set on me, punching me in the eye, they dragged me to the ground where I was kicked and punched.”

Does this sound like a true victim?  Or does this sound like someone stretching the truth a little bit to use his “victim status” explicitly?  Jerry Falwell (the biggest-baddest-Christian-bully of them all) NEVER advocated physical harm or disrespect to anyone that was gay or anyone that hated him for being a Christian (as many did and prove to this day.)

There are haters all over the planet and if that happened here in the United States and this was brought before the Supreme Court with Alito and Roberts, I guarantee this type of crime would be cracked down on a lot more effectively than by, say, Ruth Bader Ginsberg or basically any Supreme Court Nominee that could be appointed under Hillary’s administration.

I feel sorry for the guy – but to label someone in the Soviet Union as a right-winger who physically attacks him is preposterous. 


By clicking here, CNN tells us a different story.  Apparently there were no gay pride parades and gay protesters were there to deliver a petition to the mayor of Moscow.  The violence then broke out between the protestors and the opposers. 

The first article on here leads one to believe that a peaceful parade was already in progress – and then the EVIL RIGHT stepped in and ruined it.

I do believe gay rights should advance in all countries.  But we should not have to lie and defame Conservatives and Christians to get it.

This one’s for you, Danny/Harry/Cindy!


I woke up this morning learning that in response to protests, Hugo Chavez is using some major military force against the folks protesting his whole TV deal.

Can you imagine the leader of a country using military force against people who dissent from a governmental decision?

I’m assuming that liberals won’t mind if Bush starts doing the same thing (this is really going to be fun!)

The next time Harry Belafonte wants to refer to someone as a “terrorist“, he may want to re-evaluate his assessments.

Don’t forget folks – liberals LIKE Chavez.  After all, he opposes Bush!  What more do those principled liberals need than that?

I just want to get it in writing that liberals support the use of military force against those who oppose a President’s decision. 

Sheehan Leaves! (This time without Police Force)


Responding to the “attention whore” allegations thrown at her by both parties – or anyone  with common sense, Cindy Sheehan bids farewell on a popular left-wing blog.

Michelle Malkin made note of Sheehan’s cozy ties with Hugo Chavez and also made mention of the TV stations he has acquired that are in need of “far Left propagandist news directors.”

With that in mind coupled with the “attention whore” allegations; does anybody else find it ironic that Cindy Sheehan bids her “farewell” the same week that the nation’s attention has been riveted on Rosie bidding hers?

Perhaps Venezuela will have a left-winged version of The View

After all, the two share similar political views AND fasting habits.

Teletubbies are back with a vengeance, girlfriend!


I supposed now that Reverend Falwell has passed on, it is okay for the liberal media to start promoting the Teletubbies as gay friendly again.  Or, is it?

Articles published all over the web today take issue with Poland’s government looking into the famous children’s TV show to determine if this is homosexual propaganda aimed at introducing the gay lifestyle to young children.

As Ann Coulter pointed out on her webpage,the main media outlets like People magazine, Time magazine, and the NY Times were celebrating Tinky Winky’s ‘out and proud’ way of life before Falwell ever mentioned anything about them. 

Now today after Poland has decided to invesigate this, the article mentions how “conservative” their government is and of course drags Jerry Falwell back into the issue by implying that Falwell was the first one to make the homosexual connection to the TV show:

“The 10-year-old Teletubbies, which features four rotund, brightly coloured characters loved by children around the world, became a target of religious conservatives after Falwell suggested Tinky Winky could be homosexual.”

If I was a gay man (oh wait, I am!) I would think to put the needs and safety of children before my own insane agendas.  Globally, parents have rights to make sure their children are not being baptized in activist blather whether it be on PBS or in a classroom.

What should be taught in a classroom, OR on the Teletubbies is the ultimate respect for ALL people without having to shine spotlight on one issue like homosexuality. 

Respect and decency is one thing but acceptance is quite another.  Let parents do their jobs.

Proof that liberals are lazy

This post; written by an anti-war nut, uses faulty information to make Rosie’s case for her.  Indeed, Americans are terrorists everyone!  That’s the conclusion of this post and many of the commenters.

 On a day like today (Memorial Day), where anti-war Presidential Candidate John Edwards expects the anti-war Democrats of the country be out protesting the war, fine Democrats choose to stay in the comfortable surroundings of their home and write absurd things like this.

The least they can do is respect the wishes of Edwards. 

What these folks keep forgetting is that their own Democratic representatives in Congress keep voting against the anti-war movement.  They keep forgetting that foreign countries consistently are electing conservative governments. 

All they have on their side are the phony polls put forth to the American people.  You know the ones worded like:

“Do you 100% agree with Bush’s war policies?” (831 people polled and used as a “representation” of the entire country’s position on the war.)

When are we going to get a question like this one:

“Do you believe we should lose in Iraq and leave it under the control of al Queda and other terrorist organizations?”

I’d love to see the results to THAT poll.

Great Analysis from Keith Blabberman


Commenting on the “who are the terroristS?” quote from Rosie, he blames the realistic characterization of her insanity on “Fox Noise.”

As this video points out, many folks on MSNBC drew the same conclusion.

Olbermann’s conclusion: she wasn’t talking about the troops – BUT SHE WAS talking about President Bush.

LOL – Calling an American President a “terrorist” I suppose is totally acceptable to Olbermann.

Someone’s makin’ some “noise” alright, but it aint Fox.

Does John Edwards Write for the NY Times?

You gotta give it to Michelle Malkin.  She picks things up faster than any other mainstream blogger I know of.  

Just moments ago, she posted about a NY Times headline that could lead the reader to believe that we are just moments away from screaming out surrender. 

As she mentions, it’s just in time for Memorial Day.  Liberals and the MSM are using the decency of average Americans (or the moderate voters Democrats will be trying to pick up) to try and persuade Americans that we are indeed losing the war.  It’s mighty interesting that they play these games while simultaneously spouting lies about 76% of this country that want to call it quits.  It seems that not only can they get their own Democrats to vote with them on these issues in the House and Senate, but perhaps they are losing confidence in their own loony rhetoric.

Amazingly; Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards – on his own website– is advocating using Memorial Day as a campaign to discourage our troops and embolden our enemies. 

On a day in our country where we commemorate our troops’ bravery and historic accomplishments, John Edwards and the NY Times want to erase that to appeal to Cindy Sheehan.

My hard work is paying off!


Other than ranting about crazy liberal ideas, working non-stop at the office, and doing endless homework for school, I’ve been quite focused and dedicated on my yard.  I’ve got some nice gardens going.  Here are some pics.  Hope they brighten your day!