I Kissed A Girl

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Katy Perry’s instant hit, “I Kissed A Girl.” It was a rare occasion where I was at a lesbian bar with some friends (I don’t go out because I can’t handle large crowds in confined spaces). All of a sudden, this song started and within the first two measures the whole club was cheering wildly. I paid attention to the lyrics and discovered why quickly.

I am not as thrilled with that song as so much of the gay community is. A few years ago, I worked part-time as a mentor at a shelter home for girls taken from their parents by CPS. One of the girls, the first night she was there, announced to the rest of the house that she liked to tell girls at school that she was a lesbian purely for the shock factor. I explained (without giving myself away) that saying that sort of thing for that reason could be offensive to actual lesbians, particularly if one of them asked her out and she had to tell the truth. I explained that it wasn’t nice because not only is coming out a difficult process for some people, but if you give a lesbian hope and she falls for you, she’ll be crushed when she finds out that you lied. The girl didn’t quite understand what I was saying and refused to stop doing it.

I’m still struggling to figure out when it became chic to say you’re gay.

I like Katy Perry. I still remember when she was recording under her real name, Katy Hudson, as a Christian singer. I remember when she made an appearance on the POD song “Goodbye For Now”. Even though I prefer hard rock and heavy metal, I do like Katy Perry’s music. I don’t really care for this particular song, though, because being gay should not be a fashion statement. I don’t think that’s how she meant it, and I certainly don’t mean to criticize her too harshly because she’s not the only person to have sung, written, or talked about experimenting with same-sex relationships. This song is one of the most widely-recognized missives about it.

When I began to realize that I might actually be a lesbian, my whole life turned upside-down. I had been raised in a culture that wasn’t very forgiving. Southern Christian churches in the late 80′s and early 90′s were far more anti-gay than they are now, believe it or not. The only time I ever heard anyone talk about gay people it was usually in church and the things said were very disparaging – and usually accompanied by the most shocking images the Christian world could find of gay pride parades and festivals. I was raised to believe that being gay was an illness, and if you were gay then G-d had given up on you. I spent six months so depressed that I am, to this day, surprised that I survived.

Hearing a song like “I Kissed A Girl” was almost a slap in the face to the struggle that I recall as the darkest point in my life. I don’t think for one second that Katy Perry meant to offend anyone with the song – not even her parents, who are still deeply religious. That song is just one part of a growing popularity contest on who can be a better friend to the gays. More often than not, it includes straight people saying that they pretended to be gay and using that to say they understand how I feel.

No. You really don’t. If you’re going to support us, then support us. Don’t toss out your version of “I Kissed A Girl” and claim it as a badge of honor. If you are straight, be straight and happy and support us as exactly who you are.

Practice What You Preach

Russia is not very gay-friendly. That’s putting it mildly.

The 2014 summer Olympic games will be held in Sochi despite a frightening number of very real gay hate crimes being committed all over Russia. Vladimir Putin himself recently gave a speech in which he said that Russia would not tolerate “being genderless or fruitless” (I personally consider myself VERY fruity, actually, so that shouldn’t be a problem).

When speaking to MSNBC about the issue, gay actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein (you’d know him from Independence Day, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Disney’s Mulan) was very candid in talking to Chris Hayes about Russia’s new ban on “gay propaganda”. The language of the law is so ambiguous that police can toss anyone in jail for the most minor support of gay rights. Fierstein gave Vladimir an out that the dictator doesn’t deserve when he said that Putin is only in it for the money – that it’s right-wingers and their popularity that’s driving this mess.

Fierstein is falling victim to a belief that people are inherently good. Human beings are not. Putin is likely every bit as anti-gay as the new laws suggest, and it has more to do with his communist beliefs from his days in the KGB than with any religious or political ideal. Communism – like the Nazi brand of fascist socialism – needs new workers to survive. People have to procreate and add more able bodies to the force of “the people”. Gay people cannot procreate and are therefore useless to the greater good, so they must be done away with.

It astounds me that so many people fail to understand that concept. What’s more, gay leftists like Fierstein are far more willing to pin the blame on “right-wingers” than to acknowledge the truth – an act that goes against his stated mission to make people face the realities of anti-gay Russia.

Fierstein is right in making the parallel between 1936 Germany and today’s Russia. In 1936, the world gave a squishy “we don’t like your anti-Jew campaign” response to the Games being held in Berlin. Rather than boycott the games, they allowed Hitler to get away with just taking down the propaganda – then when everyone went home, Shoah began. More than six million Jews and upwards of eight million other “undesirables” (including homosexuals) were butchered. The anti-Jewish propaganda began in Nazi Germany much the way anti-gay propaganda is starting in today’s Russia. An undercurrent of belief that gays are filthy, lazy, and destructive to the country’s morals has given rise to a government movement. Laws banning gay couples from adopting preceded laws banning public support of any form of gay rights. Public attacks on gays are becoming more violent and more popular. It will continue to escalate until and unless other people stop talking and actually do something.

He is wrong to suggest that religion alone or a certain political ideal that many gay liberals believe is mirrored here in the US is responsible for this kind of thing. Like it or not, Russia, like Iran and most of the Sharia-loving Muslim nations in the Middle East, believes that the gay rights movement DOES come from the West. They believe that it’s a problem that we gave them. He can get angry with that fact all he wants. It does not negate the truth that he’s refusing to face.

We should be boycotting the Games. We should be standing up to Russia on this issue. We won’t now any more than we would have in Berlin in 1936 because the Games are more important. Fierstein, however, is like the rest of the gay left. He is far too willing to blame the conservative movement for this problem. In so doing, he (and Dan Savage like him) encourages the people who openly hate me for being a lesbian who is conservative. The people who push me around, throw drinks in my face, pick fights with me, and send me death threats take their cues from men like him.

When you learn to control your own hate, you can preach to the rest of the world about controlling theirs. Clean up your own act before you get on that pulpit.


Did you know that there’s now an ongoing debate in the emergency medical community about c-spine? C-spine is the method we use to immobilize your spine after a car wreck or when you fall – it can be pretty uncomfortable no matter what we do. It involves putting a stabilization collar on and strapping you to a backboard. Recent research has shown that backboards may actually do more harm than good, so our new protocols (at least in most areas) is to try to determine whether c-spine is really necessary. In some cases, however, mechanism of injury still dictates whether we take that precaution.

Most of my readers have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s not because you’re uneducated, you’re just not trained to do what I do. The people who are far less likely to understand what I’m talking about? The fast food workers currently striking in 100 cities to demand that the federal minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour.

I don’t mean that as an insult. I’m making a point.

I went to college to learn emergency medical technology and emergency services management. To get my EMT certification I had to pass the classes before passing a gauntlet of skills stations. I had to prove my knowledge in c-spine, oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal airways, bag-valve masks, CPR, trauma assessment, medical assessment (yes, there is a difference), mass casualties, and AED. Then I still had to take the 500-question national registry exam to get the card that said I had satisfied the basic requirements to become an EMT.

Every two years I have to take the skills stations and the written test all over again; in those two years there can be any number of changes in our protocols. In one system I’m allowed to use CCR rather than CPR (one uses rescue breathing while stopping compressions, the other doesn’t). In the other system I have to use CPR. If I work in a neighboring county (which I occasionally do), I have to be up-to-date on my phlebotomy skills. Where I normally work I can spike bags and set up blood tubing, but I’m not allowed to start IV’s.

There is always new research coming out. I have to constantly pay attention to new rules about what we can and cannot do in traffic. I am much more likely to get into a wreck in my ambulance than in my personal vehicle, no matter that I’m a highly-trained driver who religiously pays attention to everyone around me. I often work 24 or 48 hours at a stretch and frequently have to wake from a dead sleep to answer 911 calls for anything ranging from abdominal pain to a gunshot wound.

I absolutely love what I do. I hated working in an office setting. What I do is worth about $11 an hour. Some of my brothers and sisters make less. The pay will never stop me from working my butt off because I love it.

I fail to understand how flipping burgers is somehow worth more than all of the time, money, and hard work I’ve put into what I do.

I don’t do what I do for recognition. That’s not what I’m after here. I am hoping someone will explain to me why so many are so willing to raise hell about the wages of people who are uneducated and otherwise unskilled. Fast food is not a career. You don’t attend college to learn to work a fryer or clean a grill. That line of work was meant for high school students and college kids working their way through school, not parents supporting multiple kids.

The argument being made is that wages are tied to a person’s dignity. It is undignified to now work for $7.25 an hour – when I worked fast food in high school, I only made $4.25 an hour. I’m wondering now if I should sue for back wages for my dignity’s sake.

The other argument being made is that these corporations make more than enough to pay that kind of money. What these people don’t realize is that when the government raises minimum wage so drastically, it causes sudden and severe inflation. The dollar is devalued and everything costs more, but the standard of living doesn’t go up with it. The argument that a higher wage is needed to make life easier to afford is self-defeating; instead of closing the gap between so-called classes, it creates a genuine disparity. Redistribution of wealth always has that effect.

There are a number of issues to be considered, both big and small. Like most liberals, however, these folks don’t want to consider the big picture. All they know is what affects their tiny little world. If they get what they want they won’t be able to understand why the price of basic items has skyrocketed.

And when fast food workers can work a stand-up 24 where they get assaulted, thrown up on, and have to press padded trauma dressing into a sucking chest wound that’s spitting blood all over you, then I’ll hear complaints about not making enough money.


I’ve run across quite a few people who like to claim that they are victims of something. I didn’t commit a crime; I was framed by a system that hates certain kinds of people, and my childhood was horrible and left me with no other options. I didn’t cheat on my spouse; I looked elsewhere because I was unhappy and it was their fault because I didn’t feel loved enough. I’m a minority; everyone hates me because of my race, and I’m going to prove it!

The one that gets under my skin the most (for obvious reasons): I’m gay and people hate me for being gay, so I’m going to call everyone who disagrees with me hateful and bigoted.

Such was the attitude when lesbian ex-Marine Dayna Morales posted a scan of a receipt she had gotten as a waitress at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ. It was posted to Facebook on the “Have a Gay Day” fan page along with a remarkably unprofessional message that ended with, “keep your damn mouth shut and pray we never cross paths again.” People from all over the world commented about how horrible this was and began sending her “tip money” – to the tune of about $3,000.

(And, really? “Pray we never cross paths again?” What were you gonna do, honey? The real badasses I know would not assault anyone, regardless of anything they said or wrote. If you’re that willing to physically attack a peaceful person who did nothing more than say something that you disliked, then you have issues. You’re also likely blowing hot air to sound tougher than you are.)

It didn’t take long for the truth to come out. The couple who supposedly refused to tip and left the note saw a news broadcast about the incident and recognized the dollar amount and time stamp on the receipt. They even recognized the father’s name despite it being blurred out. They gave an interview showing that, in fact, they HAD tipped her $18 on a $93 check, and their credit card had been charged $111 (that’s nearly a 20% tip, by the way). Apparently there had been a misunderstanding about her name. They thought they had been told their server would be someone named Dan, and they told her so – and she was offended to the point that she reported it to her manager. A couple of days later, the controversy began.

As this is happening, people from Dayna’s past start coming out of the woodwork. While working at a Cheesecake Factory, she told coworkers that she had brain cancer and had shaved her head so she wouldn’t have to actually lose her hair. She told friends that her father had raped her and gotten her pregnant, but that cervical cancer had caused a miscarriage. She claimed that Hurricane Sandy had sent a boat barreling into her living room and destroying her home, but friends who stopped by to help found her home with very little damage – and no boat to be seen. She also claimed that while serving in Afghanistan with the Marines her entire platoon was wiped out by a land mine – save for her. It has since come out that she was a Marine reservist, but she was dishonorably discharged this past May when she stopped showing up for drills. She also never deployed, not once.

This is not the first gay hate crime to be fabricated. I have posted about it before. Other conservative pundits have also posted about fake hate crimes. What’s worst about this brand of compulsive lying is that she’s doing damage not only to herself, but to the entire gay community as well. Just as using accusations of racism and Nazism inappropriately blinds people to the real thing, this, too, leaves people wondering if there’s really as much hate in the world as they’ve been led to believe.

If a conservative had been caught telling even one of Dayna’s stories from the past (I have brain cancer, I was raped, a hurricane destroyed my house), liberals would have them tarred and feathered. We’d never hear the end of it. When it’s one of their own, however, they simply say, “oh, this person needs help, so we’re not going to hound them.” Never once have I seen an incident like this really enrage the gay community, and they should be furious. So many of these have happened in the last decade or so that nobody believes that there are people out there who hate us.

In closing I would say this: even if this hadn’t been an act, that note is not hateful. It’s not homophobic. It’s ignorant, that’s for sure, but this isn’t hate. The word hate has a power that most of you have forgotten. It is meant to be an extreme term, and I don’t think you realize what kind of extreme it is. If you continue to use extreme words where they are not warranted, then when something truly extreme happens, you’ll have no way to describe it. The fact that Dayna would write it and pass it off as hate – and everyone else would agree – only proves that you don’t know what hate really is.

And please, stop with the victimhood. It’s very unbecoming.

Tis The Season

I was hard at work early in the morning on Thanksgiving and didn’t hear about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade until later in the day. A friend posted that a performance by drag queens had been allowed and he’d had to explain it to his kids.

I found out later that it was a performance by the Broadway cast of the hit show Kinky Boots. When I looked up the video, I was appalled. Matt Lauer gushed about the musical and the name came up on the screen before a small army of men wearing thigh-high stiletto boots (some of them in all-out drag) began performing two songs from the show.

To be sure, I would like to see Kinky Boots. It sounds like a fantastic musical. The problem I have is that this is being marketed to kids during a family-oriented program. I had heard a kid ask his father in a hospital ER what the word “kinky” meant. The father was stymied. That really isn’t a conversation you want to have with your child before they’re old enough to understand what sex is in the first place. I didn’t realize why the child was asking until I heard about what had gone on.

Naturally, a few people were upset by the display. I cannot imagine my brother or any of my cousins having to tell my nieces and nephews why a bunch of men are prancing around in drag; if one of them had asked me, I would have changed the subject. It’s not a conversation that I would be ready to have. I can understand why some folks would be upset by this – and Macy’s had to know that it would cause an uproar. Strangely, though, most of the big-name conservative pundits – Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Megyn Kelly, and a host of others that the left points to has hatemongers – haven’t said a word about it. The Advocate, however, proclaimed in its headline, “Conservatives Outraged by ‘Kinky Boots’ Performance in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” The Huffington Post reported that “the performance received an instant backlash of often-homophobic negativity on social media…” right before linking a Twitchy page that didn’t have an ounce of homophobia on it, only a lot of people questioning whether Kinky Boots is really all that family-friendly.

So who was it that was being so hateful? None of the conservative pundits I respect and admire. I have no idea who Amy Stradling, Andrea Latta Hardgrave, or “Broccoli Bob” are, but apparently the leftist websites were so desperately in need of examples of hate that they posted their Tweets and their full names and then passed it off as all conservatives somehow showing their true homophobic colors.

To be fair, it is ridiculous to claim in all caps that Macy’s ruined your entire holiday. If your holiday was ruined over this performance, that is your fault. Neither Macy’s nor the cast of the musical is at fault for your bad day. If you let it get to you that much, then you have issues you need to work out on your own. I do not, however, think that it was appropriate for the parade and I’m annoyed with producer Harvey Fierstein’s response to the backlash. He said, “You have to start a dialogue, and you can’t have a dialogue unless someone says something first. It takes actual work to open up [people’s] minds.”

Harvey, this is not an exercise in opening people’s minds. It’s little more than an attempt to shock them into numbness. That is not the way to win anyone’s hearts and minds. Compared to some drag shows I’ve witnessed in the past, yes, this performance was tame – that’s not necessarily a good thing. Either way, it was still too shocking for a good portion of the audience, and you should have considered that before including it during family programming.

This isn’t about homophobia. It’s about not being comfortable with our kids seeing these things. To label it as homophobia leaves people blind to the real thing when it does rear its ugly head, just as accusations of being a racist or a Nazi leave people unwilling to believe that it really still happens. Stop abusing the word. Learn to live in their world and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be open to living in yours someday.


It continually amazes me just how many people are willing to keep defending Obamacare and all of the problems it is causing.

President Obama promised us before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law that “if you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan. I guarantee it.” We are rapidly finding, however, that many of us can’t keep our health insurance plans. An insurance plan can’t simply change; if the cost or the benefits go over a certain threshold (and that threshold is not very high), the plan is cancelled and a new one is rolled out in its place. Thanks to Obamacare, a lot of people who had only bought enough insurance to cover catastrophic injuries or illnesses have lost their plans. It is now estimated that over two million Americans have lost the insurance plans that they liked – all because Obamacare required that insurance cover everything and the kitchen sink. I have friends who deliberately bought that kind of insurance. They had enough money to pay for basic doctor visits and they intended to use their insurance for exactly what it was meant to cover: high-cost emergencies. They liked their plans, and Obamacare is the sole reason they’re unable to keep their plans.

Don’t tell the Democrats, though. They don’t care. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Mr. “I will not yield to this monkey court”, went on Megyn Kelly’s show and claimed that the policies are being cancelled because the insurance companies are somehow seeing the light. He said, “the bottom line is, if you’re selling a lousy policy at a price that’s too high, nobody’s going to buy it. And so they’re cancelling these policies because they know people won’t buy them.” Megyn pointed out that people WERE buying them and they were happy with them. Pallone replied, “they’re not going to buy them anymore when they have a better alternative!” (Really? You call shotgunning someone into buying a policy that has to cover everything “willingly buying a better alternative”?) Incredibly, when Megyn asked, “why do you get to decide what’s lousy?” Pallone responded, “it’s capitalism!”

Quite literally all Pallone could say was that nobody is going to buy “lousy” plans when there’s a better alternative. What he’s willfully ignored is the fact that there has ALWAYS been a better alternative, and people still opted to buy these supposedly lousy plans because they liked them. The ACA had nothing to do with “providing a better alternative.” Even the Democrats who are admitting that plans are being cancelled because of Obamacare requirements are being completely flippant about the situation – all the way up to the President.

President Obama, rather than answer for his lie, had the audacity to tell people yesterday at Boston’s Faneuil Hall to shop for a better plan. He said, “if you’re getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. That’s what it’s for. Because of the tax credits that we are offering, and the competition between insurers, most people are going to be able to get better, comprehensive healthcare plans for the same price or even cheaper than projected.”

First of all, you have done nothing to create competition between insurers. You have mandated that everyone buy insurance, so the companies know that they have a guaranteed customer base. Second, your tax credits aren’t going to come close to covering the out-of-pocket increases that I’m now paying. Third, my employer only offers insurance from one company; if I buy my own, including in the government marketplace, it’s going to cost exponentially more. None of this nonsense has made anything more affordable for me. Originally, the claim was that the ACA was supposed to eliminate the people who use the ER as their primary source of health care. Instead, it has only subsidized those people to continue doing that by forcing people like me to pay more up front. I’m not impressed.

It is not up to you to determine what is good enough for my coverage. It’s not up to you to tell me that I don’t have enough coverage or that my plan is “lousy”. It’s none of your business whether I’m insured and you have no right to tell me that I have to have coverage and that the coverage I have is required to cover maternity care, birth control, and OB/GYN. You are not here to rule me and you are not here to decide what is best for me. If you are capable of taking on the power to tell me what’s good for me, then you are one short step away from taking on the power to determine whether I’m worth spending healthcare resources on, and I have a very serious problem with that.

Kathleen Sibelius made an embarrassingly poor appearance before Congress yesterday. After taking full responsibility for the utter failure that is Healthcare.gov, Representatives grilled her on several aspects of the ACA. When asked if she would sign up for Obamacare, Sibelius first tried to skirt the question by claiming it was somehow “illegal” for her to sign up for it. Then, when pressed on whether she would if she were able, she refused to answer. During that testimony she was caught on a hot mic saying, “don’t do this to me!” As if that wasn’t bad enough, when asked whether President Obama bore any responsibility for this incredible failure, Sibelius only said, “you clearly…whatever.” Of course, we all know that Sibelius likely wasn’t the person responsible for deciding who would build and run the website, so one must ask what she’s going to get for falling on her sword in front of Congress over this behemoth of a Greek tragedy.

For the $634 million the Obama administration has poured into the mockery of a website that hasn’t worked for more than twenty people this month, they could have set up a $1 million account for every man, woman, and child in America and earmarked it specifically for their healthcare, and they would have had more than $300 million to spare. They wouldn’t have even needed a crappy website to keep track of it all.

The license being taken by this administration is breathtaking. How are they combating their poor image? They do an end run around those of us who aren’t willing to live with the imposition of these decrees by labeling us as extremists, terrorists, and racists. The media that is supposed to keep us informed is, instead, complicit. Pay no attention to that Tea Party behind the curtain, though. They’re irrelevant.


Just So We’re Clear…

I’ve just cleaned several comments out that have been added and sent for approval since yesterday. These comments contained extremely anti-Semitic slurs, proving to me that there are plenty of Americans who hate the Jews.

Allow me to clarify something: hatred will not be tolerated here. If you’re using anti-gay slurs or anti-Jewish slurs (or ANY racial slurs, for that matter), I will block your IP and remove your comment. If, like so many others who did this, you are stupid enough to link your Facebook page on said comment, I will also go to Facebook and report you for harassment and bullying.

If you want to spew hatred, man up and say it to my face. If you can’t do that, then shut the hell up and go back to whatever dunghole you crawled out of.

Fight Racism With…Racism?

I haven’t commented on the whole “Redskins” debate because, in my mind, it’s a tempest in a teacup. The term redskin was used more by those who actually traded peacefully with the indians – “savage” was more of a slur, one that has fallen out of usage. I have no idea if my Cherokee and Navajo friends find it offensive, but the Washington Redskins have had this name for 81 years and only now is it coming into focus.

What I will comment on, however, is The Onion’s outrageous attempt at sarcasm. Calling it outrageous is an understatement. The headline read, “Redskins’ Kike Owner Refuses to Change Team Name.” The short article went on to call Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder a “hook-nosed kike” and a “shifty-eyed hebe.”

They didn’t just cross the line with this. They dove over it headfirst and did a touchdown dance.

I really don’t care what the point is. You would never see any writer for The Onion using the N-word; if they did so, even for the purpose of making a satirical point, there would be no end to the hell raised by black Americans and all of their friends. They would be right to raise hell about it – it’s an absolutely despicable word, so much so that I can’t even tolerate rap because of the heavy usage of it. How is it, then, that some of the most despicable anti-Jewish epithets are suddenly fair game? When did it become acceptable to take a page from the Stormfront neo-Nazi book?

I am not an angry or violent person, but I will tell you now, if anyone ever dared to utter those slurs to my face, I would not respond with words. I would break my rule about never starting fights and happily face jail time for it. The writer of this ill-thought article never would have dared say that to me in person. What makes him think it’s okay to say it in print?

I don’t give a damn what your point is. It is never okay to hurl disgusting invectives at anyone, particularly when they come from a line of people who have been openly hated and killed in mass numbers simply for being Jewish for many centuries. I will never give another second of traffic to The Onion – not even if they apologize. Anyone who dares defend their usage of these hateful terms will find themselves drop-kicked out of my life. There is no excuse.

Sure, they have the freedom to post what they want. We have the same freedom to stop using their services because they don’t know how to be civil.

The “Lies” of Fox News

Whenever I get into a “debate” with a liberal (I use the term lightly, considering the fact that it is usually comprised of someone spewing personal invectives at me for admitting that I’m conservative), I could practically set my watch by their claims that I am a mindless drone for Fox News. “Turn of Fox,” they say, “and learn to think for yourself!”

Didn’t you know? FOX LIES!!! Now learn to be more tolerant, you idiot!

It’s funny when they say that, because it is their go-to accusation whenever you say something that they can’t come up with a decent response to. I have asked multiple times for all of them to give me evidence that Fox actually lies. None of them have even attempted it. They always tell me, “if you can’t see it, then you’re hopeless!” Apparently being able to prove one’s claims is no longer important. Finally, though, after pointing out many of the lies from MSNBC, a liberal actually gave me something I could respond to.

I just picked my head up off of my desk. Yes, it’s that bad.

The first link that the liberal in question gave me was for Salon.com. The article is titled, “12 Most Despicable Things Fox News Did In 2012.”

“Romancing Petraeus: Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Tries to Recruit for the GOP.” The claim is made that Ailes sent a Fox News defense analyst to try to persuade Petraeus to run. Actually, WaPo’s Bob Woodward reported that Ailes sent a personal request – likely in writing – to ask Petraeus to consider it. Ailes didn’t send Kathleen McFarland to talk Petraeus into running in 2012, she was sent by her producers to interview Petraeus about the war in Afghanistan. She was about to ask him if there was anything he felt the media could do to help the troops, and he jokingly made reference to a personal remark that Ailes had made. Petraeus said, “I’m not running.” That was it. It’s not a lie, nor is it Fox News “exploiting its power and wealth to manipulate political outcomes.” To claim such is a lie in and of itself.

“Fox News Produces Its Own Anti-Obama Video.” It’s not anti-Obama…it’s a commentary on how things have changed since Obama rode into the White House on a unicorn promising to change everything. If you’ll recall, Obama promised to cut the deficit in half in his first year in office. Not only did he miserably fail, he only made the deficit AND the debt far worse. The writer links Newscorpse, which in turn links Media Matters. MM only answers three of the many points made in the video, and their entire response is, “it’s all Bush’s fault!” Obama has been in office for four years by the time this is all being written, but it’s still Bush’s fault. Oh…and where did MM get their supposed “proof”? From The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a group helmed by uber-liberal Robert Greenstein, a former financial advisor for Democrat presidents Carter and Clinton.

“Fox News: How Much Rape Is Too Much?” Dear Lord. Seriously? The oft-slammed remarks from Liz Trotta are, again, paraded out as evidence of Fox being a group of hatemongers. What the writer never mentions is that the segment’s host, Eric Shaw, openly disagreed with Trotta – as has pretty much every host on Fox she’s been on with. Fox is hardly the only network to ever invite a contributor on who has made incendiary remarks. Hell, MSNBC has multiple hosts that do that on a routine basis. Keith Olbermann used the Nazi salute and refused to apologize even after the Anti-Defamation league stepped in, Lawrence O’Donnell challenged one of Mitt Romney’s sons to a fistfight, and Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut”. Ed Schultz also deliberately edited an audio of Texas governor Rick Perry, cutting it off at a certain point to make it sound like Perry was referring to President Obama as “a black cloud that hangs over America.” At least Fox hosts have no problem calling out other right-wingers when they’re wrong. Olbermann had Jeneane Garofalo on his show multiple times and guffawed loudly when she called all conservatives racists.

“Fox News Conning Latinos for Politics and Profit.” Oh, horsefeathers. Fox News has its own Latino site. Yes, Fox reports on illegal immigration – because no other news network will. When was the last time you saw MSNBC or CNN report on the criminals pouring across our Southern border?

(BTW, I had to link Michelle Malkin for most of the stories on illegal aliens who commit rape and murder because most of the media – Fox included – ignores the fact that some of these brutal criminals are illegals. Mrs. Malkin has done an incredible job of reporting some of these stories and she continuously takes a great deal of hate for it.)

“Fox Lies About Military Access to Voting in Ohio.” Actually, they weren’t lying. Absentee voting laws actually began during the Civil War as a way to make sure that the troops were guaranteed the ability to vote. To be sure, absentee voting was only upheld by six states after the Civil War ended, but that doesn’t mean that the military doesn’t have the right to vote – and since much of our military is still caught up in a war, it’s only fair that their special circumstances grant special rights to make sure that their votes are counted. As it was, thousands of ballots in the last election were lost or destroyed between Afghanistan and the US. Convenient, isn’t it?

“Graphic Evidence of the Racism of Fox News: Racial Photoshopping.” This is an egregious lie, one I’m tired of having to answer. Every liberal in America seems content to accuse us of racism when we refuse to agree with them. In this accusation, they claim that a photo of Trayvon Martin was “obviously darkened” to make it look more “ominous.” Click here for the graphic in question. The photo actually came from another publication, and it is actually Newscorpse that makes the outrageous claim that some kind of “racial photoshopping” was carried out to make Trayvon look more dangerous somehow. Then, it’s claimed that Fox changed the graphic to make it look less damning – actually, they changed the entire headline. The first headline stated that charges were to be filed. The second stated that Zimmerman was actually in custody following the filing of charges. It’s all racism, though!

“The Polling Schizophrenia at Fox News.” First of all, schizophrenia is a mental disorder involving delusions and paranoia – not lying. The sub-title just sounds insultingly stupid. Second, the Salon writer (again) links Newscorpse, which claims that Fox ignores its own polls and refuses to report on them…by linking a report by Fox News showing that Obama had gained a lead in a poll. Wow. I’m speechless.

“Fox News Psycho Analyst: Newt Gingrich’s Adultery Means A Stronger America.” Here the Salon writer lambasts Psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow (now notorious for suggesting the possibility that Casey Anthony really didn’t do it) for saying that Obama is “contemptuous of the judiciary” (he is) and “devoid of all emotion” (when was the last time he showed any emotion other than anger?). Nobody had any problem with Dr. Martha Stout constantly referencing George W. Bush in her book “The Sociopath Next Door” and declaring him to be an absolute monster, but they’re going to tear down Dr. Ablow for stating the blatantly obvious? Plus, they’re going to mock Dr. Ablow’s forgiveness of Gingrich’s indiscretions when they weren’t even willing to hold Bill Clinton’s feet to the fire after he was accused by more than one woman of rape? Puh-leeze.

“Fox News Airs Hour-Long Commercial for Anti-Obama Film on Hannity.” First the Salon writer (who is still only quoting Newscorpse) crows about “The Undefeated” being a “flop” at the box office. Then he bemoans Hannity pushing the documentary “The Hope & The Change”, as if doing so was immoral. The Newscorpse writer he links then goes on to say, “Hannity didn’t reveal what other documentaries he’s seen, but it’s fair to guess that his second favorite would be “Triumph of the Will,” Hitler’s propaganda film directed by Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl.” Really? We’re calling Fox a network of liars over this? Moving along…

“Fox News ‘Democrat’ Kirsten Powers Accuses Obama of Sympathizing With Terrorists.” The implication here by the Salon writer is that Powers can’t possibly be an actual Democrat if she disagrees with something President Obama has done! This is the SAME organization that proudly posted a “Republican Women for Obama” video in the last post that was linked. Powers wrote an op-ed for Foxnews.com in which she blasted the President and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their comments against the video that was accused of starting the attack on our embassy in Benghazi. We have since uncovered (no thanks to Fox News and others who have refused to let it go) that the video, “Innocence of Muslims”, had nothing to do with the attack. It was premeditated by multiple jihadist organizations well in advance, and there were multiple warnings that it was coming. Both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were swift to righteously condemn the video, but said nothing against the terrorists who plotted and carried out the attack. It was refreshing to hear a Democrat admit that her side was being cowardly in refusing to respond to the attack.

“Fox News Spinning Furiously On Unemployment Rate.” The spin here appears to be a Foxnews.com headline questioning the report in 2012 that the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 to 7.8. Never mind the fact that they’re reporters and their job is to question the official story. Never mind the fact that unemployment is actually dropping in some cases because some folks have been out of work for so long that they’re just giving up – no employer wants to hire someone with an extensive gap in their employment history, and some people have been out of work for so long that they’re dropping out of the workforce altogether. There’s a lot that plays into the unemployment numbers, and trying to simplify it into “something GOOD is happening under Obama!” is irresponsible at best.

And, the kicker…

“Fox Opposes Ban on Assault Weapons But Imposes Ban on Talking About It.” Okay…let’s get something straight for the umpteen jillionth time: the First Amendment is meant to protect you from the government, not from private entities. Even if you could prove that Fox had instituted a ban on talking about assault weapon bans, trying to say that Fox is “slaughtering the First Amendment” by refusing to allow guests to talk about it is every bit as silly as conservatives who accuse MSNBC of somehow abridging our First Amendment rights. I will tell you what I tell them…you have the same right that the other guys have. You just need to exercise it. That said, Fox has instituted no such ban on discussing proposed revivals of the Clinton-era assault weapons ban. David Clark, one of the executive producers, instituted a temporary ban on discussing gun control policy for a short time because he felt it was too soon after the Newtown tragedy to talk about such a charged political issue. The ban was lifted not too long afterwards and there have since been quite a few discussions on FNC and Foxnews.com about gun control and assault weapons bans.

The author of this article is Mark Howard, who appears to have written the multiple Newscorpse articles that are literally the only thing linked. It’s remarkable that Salon would allow this kind of hit piece to appear on its pages. What is more remarkable is that there are liberals out there trying to point to this tripe when they claim that they have proof that Fox News does nothing but lie. It seems more like liberals are obsessed with Fox, so much so that they’re willing to pass anything off as proof – even if it’s a lie.

Next up: George Soros, Media Matters, and the war against Fox News.

Make It Hurt

I can still remember the big government shutdown in 1995. November of that year, feuds over then-president Bill Clinton’s demands for budget concessions on public health (including Medicare), education, and environmental issues (remember the “hole in the ozone” that nobody ever talks about anymore?) drove the Republican-led House to force the government into a shutdown that lasted nearly a month. After national parks were closed, Jay Leno made the joke that “they put a guy out front to tell people, ‘don’t look at that!’” National parks were closed, but now that we’re in the middle of another shutdown Obama is taking it a hell of a lot further than last time.

They haven’t just closed down the parks. Rangers have been ordered to step outside their jurisdiction and actually put cones and barriers up on highways to block off scenic overlooks, with the purpose of stopping people who are only passing through from pulling over to take pictures. Open-air war memorials – particularly the WWII memorial and the Vietnam memorial wall – have had barricades put up. At the Vietnam wall, when veterans and other visitors crossed the barriers to pay their respects, police officers chased them off. At the WWII memorial, which sees a couple of “honor flights” every week bringing dying WWII veterans to pay their final respects, barriers had to be crossed by Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) to lead the vets into the memorial. The entire memorial is outdoors. As in, requiring no personnel to staff it. Other outdoor memorials closed include the 2nd Infantry Division (WWI) memorial and the Iwo Jima memorial.

One volunteer took home a section of the “police line” crime scene tape that had been erected to keep people out. The Park Service threw President Obama under the bus – they confirmed that the order to close the memorials came straight from the White House.

Something else I don’t remember happening in 1995: the FBI ending all meetings with the public. One of my closest friends just told me something that made my blood run cold. She called the local FBI office to report that a known pedophile with a serious mental illness has been released from an institution and is delusional and dangerous. The secretary who answered replied, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’ll have to start with local police. We had to suspend meetings with the public to report criminal activity because of the shutdown.”

In other words? Now is the time to go nuts on that criminal enterprise you’ve been building. The FBI (and likely the ATF and DEA) aren’t taking reports right now.

Other friends have reported that websites set up through the Library of Congress have been shut down. College students facing assignment deadlines can’t do the research they need to do because all they see is a white screen saying that the site has been shut down. What nobody has questioned yet, beyond the ridiculous “why?” that we should be asking, is how they’re paying for all of this.

It costs money to rent barricades and put up signs. It costs money to station park rangers and police officers in front of parks and monuments. It costs money to send someone out to shut off scenic overlooks. It costs money to send Secret Service agents to stand outside of an outdoor monument and tell people to go away. It costs money to take a website offline and replace it with a “closed” sign. None of these things are inexpensive. It costs more to put the barriers up around the WWII memorial than it does to just let people in. There are probably more police and park rangers on duty now than there are normally.

Most of this isn’t necessary. Some of it, like suspending the ability of the FBI to take reports, is downright dangerous. All of it is the result of President Obama throwing a temper tantrum and saying, “I’m not your friend anymore, so you can’t play in my yard!” He figures that if he can make it hurt, even in the smallest of ways, that people will side with him and beg the Republicans to just cave in and let him do what he wants to do. Unfortunately, Democrats are defending him. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have even urged Democrats in the House and Senate to vote “no” on funding for veteran’s benefits just to make sure they’re still in Dear Leader’s good graces. For her part, Pelosi tried to use the line that voting for anything less than full government funding is “using veterans as a bargaining chip.” It’s literally all or nothing with the Democrats right now, but Obama quietly signed a bill allowing the troops to keep receiving their pay during the shutdown.

Not that I’m upset about that. I just can’t figure out how they can excuse paying the currently-serving troops and ignore the disabled veterans who still need their healthcare.

What’s absolutely unforgivable (only slightly moreso than refusing to care for our disabled vets) is that elderly residents on Lake Mead have been forced from their homes. Why? Their homes sit on federal land, so because of the shutdown, they all have to leave. If they can do this, they can do anything. The media is practically asleep. The only channel that is reporting the truth about some of these outrageous violations of our basic rights in the name of this shutdown is Fox News. MSNBC is reporting that Spite House is calling on the GOP to pass a “clean” spending bill. CNN is reporting that Boehner is calling default our “current path”. ABC is reporting that Boehner won’t make a move without Obama agreeing to even talk to GOP representatives. In reality, the only way that any of the realities of what the Democrats are doing right now is seeing the light of day is alternative media.

Obama’s own Twitter account laid the blame for the shutdown solely on the Tea Party. Someone please explain something to me…Obama and his cronies are swearing up and down that they will never sign any bill that doesn’t raise the debt ceiling (something that, in 2008, he had called “irresponsible”) and strips ANY funding from Obamacare (even though Dear Leader himself has made over 100 changes to the bill by executive order – including giving a complete exemption to members of Congress), yet they’re accusing the Republicans of refusing to negotiate. I’m sorry, but how does that work? You take everything off the table and then walk out of the room because the other guy won’t compromise? What, are you twelve years old?

The Spite House may end up winning something in the end here, but they will continue to do everything they can to make it hurt until they do get what they want. I can only hope that the GOP stays strong and refuses to back down. Negotiation means both sides come to an agreement. This isn’t diplomacy – it’s bullying.


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