Tammy Bruce on Women’s Rights

Tammy Bruce, my favorite conservative lesbian (and the only one that’s actually visible to the general public as far as I can tell) was on O’Reilly last night talking about the realities of the women’s rights movements. She also exposes some of the lies that the left refuses to acknowledge. For those who are unaware, she is the former head of NOW (National Organization for Women); she has a unique perspective. A lot of very good points are brought up.

(For those who are liberal, I’m going to ask nicely that you watch with an open mind–the same thing you demand I do for your views. If you refuse to watch it because you think O’Reilly is a liar, don’t bother commenting. It’s unoriginal and will be deleted.)


DAMN. Tammy, If I thought I had a chance I’d ask you to marry me. Keep fightin’ the good fight.