Outing True Hate

I got into it on Twitter with a guy who talks like a 15-year-old. He says he’s Catholic. He openly hates gay people, loves using the word “fag”, and is an incredible hypocrite.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the man who calls himself Daniel Cali – AKA @dheaddan from somewhere in the liberal state of Illinois:

Now, after the “discussion” began (if you could really call it that), I called him a hypocrite. Why? He spouted the tried-and-true Leviticus “clobber passage” to try and prove to me that I am damned for being gay. I pointed out that the same set of ceremonial laws – the very laws that Jesus Christ purportedly sacrificed Himself to fulfill, thus no longer requiring ceremonial cleanliness – ban us from handling pork products and wearing cotton/poly blends. Simple argument, right? He comes back with the argument that the New Testament tells us we are allowed to eat foods considered unclean despite that law, purely because of Jesus’ sacrifice. He replies that only food was made spiritually acceptable again (but not fabric woven of two different materials? Interesting…). I called him a hypocrite, because that’s exactly what he was.

He later made multiple excuses for calling me a sodomite and a fag.

First he called me a sodomite – which, since I am a lesbian, is not possible. Sodomy is defined as “anal or oral copulation,” the key word being the very last one. Copulation requires the involvement of male genitalia, and Dan apparently doesn’t know enough about biology to understand this. He insisted that I was a sodomite even after I first pointed him to Ezekiel for the reasons that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed (homosexuality is never listed among the sins God destroyed those cities for), and I contend that based on scripture, the use of the name of that city to describe male homosexual acts is incorrect in any case. He continued to call me a sodomite even after being reminded that the word describes male interactions, gay or straight.

He wasn’t listening. He went on to call me a fag multiple times (all spelling inaccuracies are his, cut-and-pasted from his Twitter feed):

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire I am not a hypocrite, but your a fag.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire BTW when you cite chapter and verse where fag is OK with God, then let me know until then you’re wrong and don’t bother me.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire Sodmite is another one of those inaccurate descriptions, sodomy is any abominable sex act which, you as a fag engage in.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire keep twisting sorry that is not condoning fags

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire I am in good company for the same term “fag” was used by William F Buckley when referring to Vidal Gore.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
Fag-> @animelmaguire: I thought you were shaking the dust off your feet. Since you cannot stop using that foul word, let me help you.Buh-bye

If you doubt me, click here and read his tweets before he deletes them.

His first excuse for using the word “fag” was he was “saving space.” I called him on it, and his next excuse was that we had “perverted” the word gay and he refused to use it in that connotation. Well, in England they call cigarettes fags…cultural reference. If a word has such extreme negative connotation, you’re not doing yourself or your so-called faith any favors by using it continually. In reality, anyone with half a brain knows that you’re playing games with me, particularly trying to get me worked up. I’m doing with you what I did with Jeffrey Don Davis – I’m outing you, a supposed conservative, for the hard-right hatemonger that you are. You are another part of the reason why liberals call me a self-loathing closet case.

I hate to break this to you, but the Constitution will not hold up under social conservatism. It will not jibe with laws being passed based purely on religious dogma, which is all you seem to believe in. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and I am a believer, but our founding fathers were not all Christians (several were actually Deists, including Thomas Jefferson) and they specifically wrote the Constitution to reflect America as a free nation, one that was never intended to recognize as law the beliefs of a singular religion.

In other words, if you’re against Sharia being passed into US law, you cannot turn around and insist that Catholicism be what our laws are based on.

So that I don’t beat a dead horse, here are a few other blog posts I’ve written on these subjects. Oh, and Dan…take a gander at Luke 11:37-52. The only time Jesus openly condemned anyone to hell (that we know of) were the religious leaders who pretended to have it all figured out. If you look at the way He continually deals with them throughout the gospels, He gets irritated that they put on a good face and twist scripture and the law to turn it into what they want it to say. I find it amazing that, despite His dire warnings, a couple thousand years pass and nothing has changed. Just like Fred Phelps, you claim that you’re behaving this way out of “love”. You apparently missed I Corinthians 13.

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