Social Conservatism Strikes Again

For some time now, I’ve been a fan of the “Liberal Logic 101” page on Facebook. Considering just how hypocritical most liberals can be (need I remind anyone that I get plenty of hate from liberals for being a lesbian who is politically conservative?), it’s hard not to smile at the sarcasm of some of their posts. On my profile, I describe myself thus: “I am the flag-waving, gun-toting, tea-partying American badass with a genius IQ that your hippie friends warned you about. I stole your girlfriend while you were banging on drums at the Occupy Wall Street camp.”

Yesterday the moderators at LL101 posted another word pic that said, “When a Christians [sic] says homosexuality is sin it’s not hate; it’s one wounded person telling another wounded person that he’s found a hospital that can treat those wounds.” I didn’t attack anyone (I never do). I was absolutely respectful in my response. I told them that I’m not willing to call it hate and I completely respect their rights to believe that my sexual orientation is a sin, but I disagree with their beliefs about it.

I was immediately attacked. A few minutes later, my comments were removed and I was banned from the page.

I’m not going to cry about my First Amendment rights. Those rights are meant to protect me from the government, not from other law-abiding citizens (no matter how childish they may be). They have every right to ban me. I will tell them and their true believers, though, that their social conservatism is a huge part of the problem in America right now, and they’re giving all conservatives a bad name.

YOU PEOPLE are the reason why gay liberals lash out at me for “aligning with my oppressors.” You’re not conservatives – you’re social extremists. You are the reason Romney lost the election. You refused to get out and vote for him because he wasn’t socially-minded enough for you. He wasn’t willing to make his stance against abortion and gay marriage the most important part of his platform. Now we’re stuck with the President from hell, a guy who appoints people to the IRS and the DoD who openly attack our basic rights and destroys not only our economy but our image on the world stage as the one country you shouldn’t screw around with.

You are no better than the liberals you claim to dislike. You say you want limited government, but you want to push laws that give the government more power over personal moral issues? How is that limiting government? The instant you ask the government to start moralizing, you fling the door open for the other side (in this case, the liberals) to do the exact same thing. Liberals make the same excuse that you make: “it’s just WRONG!” If your only excuse for supporting or not supporting a law is your religious views, chances are you should reevaluate your motives. The Constitution doesn’t support the passage of laws that are based purely on religious dogma – whether that dogma is Christian, Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim.

The most ridiculous thing I frequently hear from social conservatives is, “if we don’t stop the gay rights movement, G-d will give up on America!” Yes, social conservatives really do believe this sort of thing. We are one of VERY few nations that is closely allied with Israel and we have afforded Jews – G-d’s chosen people, in case you missed it – more protection and freedom than any other nation in the world, but somehow they’ve come to the conclusion that the gay rights movement is going to be G-d’s final straw. Israel is literally the only gay-friendly nation in the Middle East and G-d hasn’t stopped protecting them (at least if you see it from a spiritual perspective), so I have to ask, where are you guys getting this ridiculous belief that America will fall out of G-d’s good graces if you show tolerance for gay people?

Your refusal to even engage conservatives like me on what is likely the only issue we disagree on is the very thing that gay liberals point to when they try to make the point that all conservatives are hatemongers. If you don’t like that label, then do something to change it. No, it’s not hateful to disagree with my sexual orientation. It is hateful to shout me down, call me a pervert, and claim that I am all that’s wrong with America just because I’m gay – and then take away my ability to respond.

If you don’t want to be labeled a hatemonger, then change the way you treat the people you disagree with. Not all gay people are liberal, but if you wonder why so many ARE liberal, then look no further than your own mirror. I would fight to my last breath for anyone’s right to believe that I’m living in sin for being openly gay. No matter how much you may hate me, I don’t hate you. That does not mean I will be silent while you attack us.


A mutual friend tried to stand up for me. She felt that her comments might have been part of the reason I had been banned; the moderator un-banned me and said, “Be very careful in the future. Since Facebook punishes Conservatives for responding to Liberals, banning Liberals is the only way to safely maintain a free exchange of ideas.” I, naturally, was offended – I told them that I had been nothing but respectful and never attacked anyone despite being attacked myself. I quoted this very post when I told them that it wasn’t hateful to disagree, but it was to call me a pervert. I was immediately banned again – this time the excuse was, “in her one and only post-banning comment, she called people names, accused commenters of saying things they did not say and made some insulting broad-sweeping comments about Conservatives and Christians. So she is banned again. Whether or not you call yourself a Liberal or a Conservative, there is a certain level of civilized behavior we expect from people.”

I’m sorry, but here’s one of the very comments you claim was never made, by a user named Tim George: “It’s no coincidence that people who approve of homosexuality don’t understand Christianity. There are the rare few out there who are not Christians yet can see homosexuality for the disgusting perversion it is because they’re still listening to the moral code written on their hearts by God and not accepting the liberal brainwashing that most people have come to accept.” Because I’ve been banned and don’t know who the moderator is, I can’t send them a message. They have effectively cut off my ability to defend myself. Every one of my friends who have tried to back me up, no matter how civilized they are, have also been banned. We’re all pretty well convinced that I was really banned for having the gumption to hold a mirror to their face.

Calling me an “anti-Christian bigot” for disagreeing ranks right up there with the liberals who call me a racist because I can’t stand President Obama. I’ve gotten death threats from gay liberals for standing up for the rights of Christians. A few years ago, at a PFLAG meeting, a politely disagreed with a member who openly called for “hate speech laws” to shut Christians up – I was asked to leave. This is how I’m repaid. I’m accused of the opposite and shut out of any discourse because someone’s pride has been injured.

Stay classy, social conservatives!