America is Slowly Fighting Its Way Back….

Just days after Governor Palin’s resignation and days after the media deems trouble with the GOP, a new set of polls released show that Americans are fighting back for conservative values….

First, according to the latest Gallup poll, Obama dropped another point in his ratings and is now at an all time low of 58%

Second, as Biden tries to convince us that government is the answer and that a second stimulus is needed, another poll reveals that 60% of Americans firmly oppose a second stimulus with only 27% supporting.

Third, Gallup also reveals that 68% are dissatisfied with the State of the Nation (it seems that “last eight years” bit is slowly running out).

Finally, a research poll done by Gallup on a lot of hot issues show that right now; as we speak, and in despite of November 2008’s election results, Americans are growing more toward conservatism as opposed to liberalism. 

Sad thing is, I am not certain how long this country can endure Carter#2.  The physical damage will indeed be done.  But the political damage to the left will pave way for a bright new era where recovery can begin.


The new daily Gallup released today at noon CST reveals yet another 2 point drop in the President’s approval rating bringing him down to 56%.