Question? Answer.

I have grown tired of being attacked. The overwhelming majority of those who attack me over politics are gay liberals and their straight supporters, but every once in the odd while I still run across the extremist fringe that’s so far out there they’re not even on the right wing anymore.

Yes, that extremist fringe exists. Just as there is an extremist fringe on the left (yes, I realize it is becoming more mainstream by the day), there is an extremist fringe on the right. Those are the people who fuel militant gay liberals like Dan Savage who wish all Republicans were dead, name filthy sex acts after politicians and Christian kids, and call Christians who disagree “pansy asses” (there will be a video to address that in a few days). Most conservatives are the kind of people who would rather live and let live; we have seen, however, where the truly far-right groups have fought to edge out gay groups who wish to participate in CPAC.

That flies in the face of everything that is politically conservative. Being conservative means three things to me: 1) limited government; 2) personal responsibility; 3) fiscal prudence. Everything I believe falls under those three ideas. I believe religion should be kept to the confines of the First Amendment, which carries the only mention of religion in the whole of the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free expression thereof.”

On that note, here is what I have to say about a few things that have come up in my debates recently:

Christianity: none of us have anything against the faith or its followers. I am a Christian myself. I don’t go to my old church because I always feel everyone’s eyes on me, but I won’t go to the “gay-friendly” churches because all I hear are liberal politics being preached from the pulpit and I don’t have the stomach for it. I will never support any law that could possibly be construed to force churches to perform gay weddings in the name of stopping discrimination, and will ardently oppose any movement that targets Christians and their beliefs, no matter how much I may disagree with some of them. Their rights are my rights, and I will fight to my last breath for their rights.

Discrimination Laws: we’re beyond them. We don’t need anti-discrimination laws. In the modern age, word-of-mouth travels at the speed of a 4G network and stories about actual discrimination can destroy a business in 140 characters. I don’t want to be part of any protected class; only those who can’t make it on their own want that kind of status. Progress will happen. It needs no help from silly legislation that does little more than create resentment.

Gay Marriage: I have said before and will say it again – most of us want to marry, but we have the good sense to realize that now isn’t the time for that debate. Our country is falling apart and if we don’t do something to stop the decline into socialist hell, our rights to marry our same-sex partners will mean absolutely nothing. We’re all sick to death of listening to liberals use this as a weapon to try and make us hate ourselves (which is pathetic, really).

Size of Government: it’s too damn big and way too damn powerful. How is it the government has so much power to regulate TV programming? How does the government have the power to decide which laws it will acknowledge and which laws it won’t? How does the government have the power to tell the states that they can’t aid in the enforcement of immigration law? The Tenth Amendment was pretty clear that the federal government isn’t allowed to take on powers not specifically granted to it by the Constitution and the Articles of Amendment. The current size and scope of the federal government needs to be dealt with, and harshly so.

Economy: free market. Taxing the rich is a fantastic way to send unemployment rocketing into the stratosphere when it costs those rich people who build businesses that create jobs send those jobs overseas to save money. And don’t give me this BS about “the greater good” – the Constitution doesn’t support such notions. The greater good often rapidly turns into “what’s yours is mine,” and that has no place in a free country.

Extremism: it exists on both sides. I’m sure every gay liberal who has picked a fistfight with me or threatened my life thinks they are perfectly justified, but that doesn’t make them right. There is an extremist fringe on the right no matter how offended some conservatives act when you point out that it exists. You have every right to believe that my sexual orientation is a sin, but you do NOT have the right to write your personal religious belief into the law. If you cannot base your beliefs on justifiable legal terms (this also goes for the liberal Christians who believe in socialized healthcare and endless welfare), then you have no business trying to pass a law based on that belief. And when there are religious leaders in your ranks who openly call gay people every slur they can think of for the express purpose of making it different and humiliating those who refuse to convert (no, not that kook from Kansas…I’m talking about Damon Thompson), then yes, you have a problem with extremism. You cannot claim that the fringe doesn’t exist when those extremists call me a “homo-nazi” simply because I’m a lesbian, despite the fact that we agree on the issue we’re talking about. THAT is the extremist fringe Jimmy LaSalvia was talking about when he pointed out that Dan Savage is doing nothing but feeding the “extremist fringe who oppose gay rights.” We’re talking about the extremists who would see Lawrence v. Texas undone so that we can be sent to jail just for being gay. Just because the lefties will call you an extremist for holding a Bible doesn’t mean we’re agreeing with them, and you’ve got the intellectual depth of a puddle in Death Valley if you don’t question the differences.

I’m a member of GOProud. I have disagreed with some of the things that Jimmy and Chris have said in the past; then again, I’ve never been part of a group I didn’t have disagreements with at some point. I disagreed with Jimmy LaSalvia outing Tony Fabrizio the way he did. Chris has said things that I’ve disagreed with, too. What makes a group like GOProud – or even us here at or our friends at – click is that we can disagree on something, air our misgivings, and move on. We still agree on nearly everything else. At the same time, I have felt their frustration at being sniped at unfairly by some conservatives who either refuse to accept that social conservatism is hurting the cause or fail to ask a few questions before they assume they know what we’re thinking or what our reasons may be for something and spit out an emotional comment that sounds an awful lot like something a loony liberal would say. One such conservative whom I have supported regardless of what my friends have said made the comment that GOProud was only mad at Dan Savage because he ripped on the Christian kids before they could, something I and every other gay conservative takes serious offense to. Never once has GOProud attacked Christians, nor has any gay conservative I know EVER supported anti-bullying legislation or the emotional conniptions that liberals go into when the subject comes up. Making that remark wasn’t speaking truth, no matter how much you’d like it to be. It was a baseless accusation against the character of every gay conservative who supports GOProud.

Now…why are we gay and conservative? Why can’t we just be conservative and keep our orientation to ourselves? Well, for starters, anyone who knows me personally knows there ain’t no keepin’ my orientation a secret. I was the last one to know I was a lesbian. I’m also not much for the closet – if my parents are going to hold hands, I’m going to hold hands with my partner. Joking aside, though, there are two reasons: one, we want the world to know that not all gay people march in lock-step with the liberal SS. Two, we want other gay people who are politically conservative to have a safe place to go for support when their liberal friends get angry (and inevitably, sometimes violent). We’re not out to convert anyone to being gay and we wholeheartedly oppose indoctrination in schools, but we believe it is important that we’re seen.

Are we clearer on the issues now (ahem…Brooks Bayne)? Fan-damn-tastic.