Conservatives On Trial

I’m sure we all remember Ashley Todd–the Republican volunteer in Texas who faked a hate crime. She was first discovered by, believe it or not, conservative bloggers who noticed that in the picture of her battered face, the “B” that had been scratched into her skin was backwards. Suspicion that she had done it herself to pass it off as a black-on-white hate crime (the letter scratched into her face was supposed to be for Barack) was confirmed when she confessed. Liberals didn’t know what to do; the hoaxter was called out by fellow conservatives, all of whom became very angry with the display.

On September 12, Census worker Bill Sparkman was found dead under a tree in Kentucky. He was hanging and had “FED” written on his chest. Without hearing any actual facts, the AP and other media sources instantly jumped on the story with both feet, claiming it was a murder perpetrated by anti-government right-wing nutjobs. Even by September 26, a full two weeks after the body was found, not one liberal blogger or MSM talking head had even questioned the idea of the death being a murder. Not one. Even Charlie Gibson reported the story as a murder without question.

FOX was the only network news channel to question the claims of murder. While batsh!t-nuts blogger Andrew Sullivan blamed Sparkman’s death on “Southern populist terrorism” and “FOX and its talk-radio cohorts”, FOX and conservative bloggers were the only ones who questioned what the nation was being spoon-fed. Then, in a move we thought would turn the entire argument on its head, the FBI made the announcement that upon completion of an autopsy, Sparkman’s death was ruled a suicide–he was found hanging, but he was nearly sitting on the ground. What about the “FED” scribbled on his chest? Sparkman wrote it himself with a felt-tip marker. This fact was discovered by comparing his handwriting and looking at the way the letters were written.

It was discovered that Sparkman had taken out a very large insurance policy and killed himself so his son could get the money. In addition to the facts already given, Sparkman appeared to have no defensive injuries whatsoever. Yet when the announcement was made that Sparkman had killed himself and tried to make it look like a hate crime, not one of the folks who tried and convicted every conservative in America apologized. NOT ONE.

Last night, as I watched the news, I saw a trailer for the new “Law & Order”. It included flashed pictures of a body with “FED” written across the chest. The trailer says that a conservative pundit is put on trial for “creating a climate of hate.”

At least we have the gumption to question ourselves. The least you wailing liberals could do is apologize instead of continuing to make it seem as though we’re to blame for everything.