Musings on Disney Princesses

My friend Meredith absolutely cracks me up with her witticisms sometimes. Today’s piece was quite amusing, about the 1959 movie “Sleeping Beauty”:

“True love conquers all, it would have even conquered the betrothal itself if Aurora hadn’t been Aurora and Phillip hadn’t been Phillip. Think of it this way, if some other man (let’s call him Michael) had met Aurora in the woods that day and they had fallen in love, a million kisses from Aurora’s betrothed “owner” wouldn’t have woken her up. Michael would have had to be the one to break the curse.

But this is a fairy tale and in fairy tales we require perfect endings, tied in a bow. So to avoid any political upheaval (no 6 year old wants to see that) Phillip is conveniently the prince she’s supposed to marry and the man she met in the woods.”

Click here to read the whole thing.