Excuses, Excuses

When Ron Paul was discovered accepting campaign donations from known white supremacists, he refused to send the money back. He said that they had a right to their beliefs and he had no place judging them. I, like many others, called him out for making excuses, and poor ones at that – that accepting the money was akin to agreeing with their idiotic beliefs.

Dan Clevenger, the mayor of Marionville, MO, is now doing the same thing while he backpedals like mad.

On Sunday, April 13, Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. went to two Jewish community centers and killed three people (he fired at far more than that) with a shotgun. He had long since been very well-known for his white supremacist beliefs, particularly for his Antisemitic views. For well over a decade he’s lived in the Overland Park suburb of Kansas City and has continually espoused his beliefs that Jews are the cause of all of the problems in our country. His self-published book, “A White Man Speaks Out”, is on the shelf at the local library. Clevenger is now trying to say that the 2,200 or so who live in Marionville don’t believe the way Miller does.

Clevenger, however, does – and it is quite well-documented.

In October 2004, Clevenger wrote a letter to the editor of the Aurora Advertiser where he called Miller a friend and openly agreed with his beliefs about Jews. He said he wanted to spread Miller’s “warnings”, including that of Jews in the medical industry making money by “killing us off”. Just in the last few days he has continued to spit out those vile beliefs in more than one interview. He believes that Jews are running the world economy and Jews are responsible for the economic crash – because, you know, Jews run the Federal Reserve, right? How does he know? The names, of course! Only one Jewish name in the bunch since 1913, but you know it has to be a conspiracy.

In an interview with CNN, Clevenger said, “I considered him a friend, and everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and I didn’t keep him away because he was a customer. I can just ignore things that people say.” The problem here is that he’s not ignoring anything. He’s openly agreeing with it.

You don’t see these types walking into gay community centers and shooting them up. You don’t see white supremacists bombing gay bars. They do that to Jewish community centers. Hatred for Jews is the one kind of hatred that transcends all other racial and ethnic boundaries, including sexual orientation. I have met gay people who believe this way…that Jews are destroying the world through the economy, medicine, and the supposed occupation of Palestine.

Now that Clevenger has been outed, it will be interesting to see if he gets re-elected for a second term. If he does, I won’t be going through Kansas City any time soon.

Fight Racism With…Racism?

I haven’t commented on the whole “Redskins” debate because, in my mind, it’s a tempest in a teacup. The term redskin was used more by those who actually traded peacefully with the indians – “savage” was more of a slur, one that has fallen out of usage. I have no idea if my Cherokee and Navajo friends find it offensive, but the Washington Redskins have had this name for 81 years and only now is it coming into focus.

What I will comment on, however, is The Onion’s outrageous attempt at sarcasm. Calling it outrageous is an understatement. The headline read, “Redskins’ Kike Owner Refuses to Change Team Name.” The short article went on to call Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder a “hook-nosed kike” and a “shifty-eyed hebe.”

They didn’t just cross the line with this. They dove over it headfirst and did a touchdown dance.

I really don’t care what the point is. You would never see any writer for The Onion using the N-word; if they did so, even for the purpose of making a satirical point, there would be no end to the hell raised by black Americans and all of their friends. They would be right to raise hell about it – it’s an absolutely despicable word, so much so that I can’t even tolerate rap because of the heavy usage of it. How is it, then, that some of the most despicable anti-Jewish epithets are suddenly fair game? When did it become acceptable to take a page from the Stormfront neo-Nazi book?

I am not an angry or violent person, but I will tell you now, if anyone ever dared to utter those slurs to my face, I would not respond with words. I would break my rule about never starting fights and happily face jail time for it. The writer of this ill-thought article never would have dared say that to me in person. What makes him think it’s okay to say it in print?

I don’t give a damn what your point is. It is never okay to hurl disgusting invectives at anyone, particularly when they come from a line of people who have been openly hated and killed in mass numbers simply for being Jewish for many centuries. I will never give another second of traffic to The Onion – not even if they apologize. Anyone who dares defend their usage of these hateful terms will find themselves drop-kicked out of my life. There is no excuse.

Sure, they have the freedom to post what they want. We have the same freedom to stop using their services because they don’t know how to be civil.