McCaskill to Skip DNC Convention (C4P)

(Cross-posted at C4P)

News broke very recently that Senator Claire McCaskill (D) of Missouri will skip the DNC convention this year.

Obviously, this says a lot about the perception of Barack Obama in her state of Missouri — a swing state — to which she is up for re-election this year.

Since we all know Claire was one of the first major politicians to offer Obama an endorsement way back in January of 2008, isn’t it a little strange that in her own re-election year, she won’t be there to cheer him on and talk up the idea of all that hopey-changey stuff for another four years?

Is she avoiding him for some reason?

Recent polling indicates it may be a good idea.

Candidate, Sarah Steelman (R) responds to McCaskill’s decision to skip it:

I don’t care if Senator McCaskill joins her fellow Democrats at the convention in Charlotte or not. We know she stands with President Obama every time she votes for his policy priorities like the Utility MACT vote last week, the debt ceiling vote a few months ago and ObamaCare last year. She voted for his judicial nominees, she voted for TARP, she voted for the bailouts. Skipping a few cocktail parties and rallies in Charlotte doesn’t distance her from the President, and it won’t convince voters that she’s a born-again moderate. The election has her concerned about perception, but her performance is the issue. Voters care about the bad policies that impact their families, churches and businesses more than they care about the parties attended by the Democratic elite. If Senator McCaskill wasn’t so out-of-touch, she’d understand.