Lessons Never Learned: The Bastards in the Media

I am just as sickened by the blatant and feckless reporting of the alleged sexual harassment charge leveled against Herman Cain as everyone else is.  As a Palin supporter, I am used to vile rumors spread by ANONYMOUS sources.

Ann Coulter, when speaking with Geraldo the other night on Fox was right when saying that the left is terrified of strong conservative black men. 

Might I remind people though that the left is just as terrified of strong conservative women?

This happened to Sarah Palin, remember?  So, Republicans can bask perhaps in the fact that a Palin presidential campaign was never meant to be. 

But if you are (or were) one of those people who “really like” Sarah Palin but feel she is too badly damaged by the media’s lies, then I hope you never sincerely plan on supporting another good grassroots conservative ever again — INCLUDING Herman Cain.

In unison with Mr. Cain, Palin had business experience before entering public office.  She tells it like it is and delights us when she says something that irritates establishment candidates and politicians.

In contradiction to Herman Cain, Palin also gave us a strong record of elected public office.  She did a fine job at running the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  She also comes with the experience of dealing with the bastards in the media for the past three years who not only accused her of sexual misconduct but also questioned the birth of her son Trig as well as her fidelity to her husband.

So why this grand movement of support for Herman Cain all of a sudden as if it were a bullet out of the blue that the media attacked non-establishment conservatives?

Newsflash: The media is never going to hold back on unfair attacks of a candidate.  If you (or pundits on Fox) are going to fight back at the media nonsense now with regard to Cain, you have to continue doing it in the future as Palin’s supporters did for three years while virtually everyone else wrote her off.

Gov. Palin said with regard to the election that it wasn’t enough to just change-up the uniforms, we have to change our game plan.

If you want Herman Cain to stand a chance, you might want to take her advice.

Otherwise, you can sit back and accept Mitt Romney as our nominee who coincidentally sits behind Obama in most of the state-by-state polls.