“Senseless Act of Terror”

Today the bodies of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel were discovered in the village of Halhul in the West Bank. They had been bound and executed. They had been dead for some time, and investigators believe they were murdered shortly after they were kidnapped.

I have had to view many a homicide victim over the past six years. I have had to inform families – mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, spouses – that their loved ones are never coming home. I have a good idea what the IDF soldiers are going through right now. I have never had that visit from my colleagues to tell me that a member of my family has died, so I can’t say that I know what they are dealing with. I know, however, that it is an indescribable pain. The sights and sounds of a family mourning a lost child is almost unbearable.

According to the timeline of events, Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali were on their way home from Yeshiva (Jewish seminary) when they were taken by force. One of the boys called the emergency line and was able to tell police that they had been kidnapped; the line then went dead. They weren’t heard from again. Millions of Jews and supporters the world over held vigil to pray and hope for their safe return. Today, that hope was shattered. Naftali Frenkel was a dual US-Israeli citizen.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked genuinely exhausted and expressed a sadness that few politicians have ever conveyed when he spoke to the press about the news. He vowed to bring the killers to justice. Two Hamas operatives have been missing since the kidnapping. There has been no word on what action Israel will take.

President Obama said, “The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms this senseless act of terror against innocent youth.”

I am tired of hearing the word “senseless” used to describe terrorism. It isn’t senseless. This attack, like all the others before it carried out against innocent Israelis, was not meaningless. We know exactly what these attacks are about. It is about unbridled, uncontrolled hatred against Jews. What for? Jews no longer “know their place.” We refuse to be dhimmis anymore. We won’t stare at the ground out of respect when an Arab passes by. We won’t pay taxes for being the lowest of low infidels. Jews established a homeland in a region we’ve had a presence in for over three millennia and have the nerve to defend it.

There is nothing about this that isn’t simple to explain. To continue to refer to such acts as “senseless” is akin to burying one’s head in the sand. This was an act of pure hatred, one that is sadly familiar to Jews. I am sad to admit this, but even as I prayed desperately for the safe return of the three missing boys, I knew how it would end. It always ends the same way. Palestinian jihadists only know hatred and death.

Golda Meir said, “we will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” It is heartbreaking to wonder if she knew how things would turn in Israel’s history.

Reinventing The Truth

My roommate and I have taken in a 15-year-old girl recently. Her mother is a meth addict and her home life has been remarkably unstable; she’s an amazing kid and a very attentive student (and the only living teenage girl I’ve met so far who didn’t know who Grumpy Cat was and didn’t care). One of my primary duties is helping her with homework.

When I sat down for the first time to help her with a world history assignment, I nearly fell over. The teacher had handed out a map that they were to label and color. It was a map of the Mideast as it was during the time of Alexander the Great – and it, like the textbook she was copying from, had the area we know as Israel labeled clearly as Palestine.

This was the first of many untruths that I discovered in her history book – which, notably, was published by National Geographic. The anti-Zionist crowd would proudly crow about such a thing; it’s a blatant lie. At the time of Alexander the Great’s rule over Asia Minor, the name “Palestine” had not even been invented yet. The region was taken over first by the Babylonians, then by the Persians – but it was always home to the Jews and was often referred to as Judea. There was a neighboring “state” known as Philistia, which tried to take Israel over at one point and lost (read about King David’s early life). The Romans took the region from the Persians around 63 BC, but the overwhelming majority of the people in Judea were still Jews. Then, in 70 AD, a major rebellion was mounted. The Bar Kokhba revolt (led by Simon Bar Kochba, who some believed was the promised Messiah at the time) was soundly crushed by the Romans. Emperor Hadrian was infuriated by the continued Jewish rebellions, so he ordered the complete destruction of Jerusalem – including leveling the Second Temple. The Western Wall is all that still stands and is among some of the best archaeological evidence that Jews have had the longest presence in the region.

Hadrian almost immediately made all things Jewish illegal. Religious observations were banned – even to admit you were a Jew could result in execution. Jews had to preserve their history, lineage, and faith in complete secrecy after Hadrian passed down his edicts. Not only that, but he re-named the region known as Judea. It became known as Palestine, after the Philistines that the Israelites had so famously defeated centuries before.

To label the area as Palestine several hundred years before the name came into usage is, I think, deliberate. If the anti-Zionists in education can establish Palestine as a legitimate entity during a period before the current age, then claims that today’s Palestinians have to the area are justified. It’s a slow way to redefine the truth. A slow introduction to half-truths and lies by omission is the only way to get people to accept a lie; Adolf Hitler learned quickly that if you try to introduce an extreme too quickly, the people won’t tolerate it. That was how he ended up in prison. When he got out, he started over, slowly introducing extremes to Germany until they became a way of life.

The same thing has been done by Holocaust deniers. I’ve heard people try to tell me that, in fact, it wasn’t really six million Jews killed in the camps – it was more like one and a half million. That is a partial truth. On a stone marker in front of Auschwitz, visitors can see that one and a half million Jews died in the camp. Of course, that is just the number that died at one single camp, but those who want others to believe that it never happened will start there – as if Auschwitz were the only concentration camp run by the Nazis.

Not only does this girl’s history book dishonestly establish Palestine long before its time, it fails to point out that the Muslims actually invaded Palestine in 632 AD and took it by force from the Byzantine Empire. When the Muslims invaded, they killed off the peasant Arabs living in the area. They had decided that the farmers and shepherds that inhabited the area were inferior and weren’t worthy to own the land. The book barely mentions that the Crusaders targeted Jews on their trek to Jerusalem, instead focusing on the economic and political impacts that the Crusades had on Europe.

Still later in the book, when talking about more modern history, further egregious omissions are made. “Jihad” is defined as “an emotional and spiritual struggle.” When I was 15, my history book rightly defined it as “holy war.” When discussing 9/11, the book describes the 19 hijackers as “international terrorists” rather than telling the truth, that 15 of them were from Saudi Arabia and ALL of them were jihadists. It misrepresents the term “infidels”, claiming that it was the European Crusaders who coined the term to describe Muslims as unbelievers. All of this is done by design to blunt the fact that jihad is alive and well in the Middle East. It is deliberately twisted to blind this generation to the reality that Muslim terrorists are very real, many Muslims aren’t willing to admit it, and we are still in very real danger from their extreme ideology. The book spends far too much time teaching smoke and mirrors about Islam, leaving out key points about the life and beliefs of Muhammad – while practically ignoring the beliefs of Jews.

Hysterically, the book has an exercise called “critical thinking skillbuilder: distinguishing between fact and opinion.”

If only…

The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Imagine that America has gone to war with China or Russia (considering the dolt we have for a President, it can happen). Imagine that thousands of innocent Americans are slaughtered, some of them hacked to death with axes and swords as they head to work, by single terrorists acting on behalf of our enemy – but that those terrorists are caught, tried, and convicted. Would you want them to be released? I sure wouldn’t. In Texas they’d be put to death in short order.

Now, somebody please explain to me exactly why John Kerry has talked Israel into releasing 350 prison inmates convicted of terrorist acts – at least 100 of them convicted of murderous terrorist acts.

I can’t figure out what Kerry thinks that’s going to achieve. Israel agreed to release several hundred prisoners back to Palestinian territories to convince them to return IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. That was their decision after Shalit was held for five years by Hamas. What right does our government have to insist that Israel release hundreds more, many of them extremely dangerous? I really don’t care how many years they’ve served. If you have committed murder, especially if you’ve chopped a person to death with a hatchet, you forfeit your life. I don’t want to hear about what’s fair; the victim wasn’t treated with any modicum of humanity. It’s bad enough that the people have to pay for the perpetrator’s food, clothing, housing, and healthcare. Now the creature who committed those unspeakable acts is going to be freed?

The families of some of the victims are outraged. I would be, too.

We as Americans should be just as outraged. What if it were suggested that Timothy McVeigh be freed from prison before his death sentence were to be carried out? What if it were Ted Kaczynski? What if it were Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy? That’s how notorious some of these killers are that have just been sent by bus back to their old neighborhoods. If anyone suggested that Ramzi Yousef be released from prison in order to bring Iran to the negotiating table, we would be furious. I can’t believe that Kerry has pushed Israel into this prisoner release.

What I really can’t believe is that our government still thinks that peace is possible. If the Palestinians wanted peace, they would be willing to go to the table without making any conditional demands – especially not one to release a couple hundred murderers. The only request Israel made was that the rocket fire into Southern Israel stop. The Palestinians do not now, and have never, wanted peace. They want Israel to fall. None of this has anything to do with actual peace. This process will play out much like the Oslo Accords did – grand public gestures followed by angry Palestinian paramilitary groups who refuse to agree launching more attacks against Israelis.

I wish more than anything that there could be peace. We live in an imperfect world, though, and the Palestinians are a group of people who thrive on hate. What’s worse is that there are large swaths of Americans who believe that the Palestinian cause is a just one – forgetting the intense persecution that the Jews have survived since centuries before the Muslims even existed.

The most disgusting part about this whole thing is the claims of a Palestinian prisoner advocate who claimed that “we used violence and the Israelis used violence.” Really? How many Israelis butchered immigration lawyers or farmers? How many Israelis have walked into religious schools and shot 12 students to death? How many Israelis have blown themselves up in crowded bar mitzvahs, bus stops, and pizza parlors? Israel never declared any kind of conflict or war against the Palestinians – it was the PLO that announced multiple intifadas.

Our government has no business trying to push Israel to do things that the Palestinians wouldn’t dream of. Kerry has not even bothered to call the Palestinians out on such ridiculous claims. Not one of our leaders has a pair of balls – especially not John Kerry. Incredibly, he’s also saying that Israel “risks further isolation” if the talks fail. I’m sorry…who is it that has broken the peace agreements in the past? Oh, that’s right – the PALESTINIANS. He’s laying all of the responsibility on the only party that has desperately tried to make peace for many years.

The Palestinians, like many other Sharia-led nations, don’t know how to live in Peace. Their religion calls for them to kill all infidels, especially Jews. When that changes – and we cannot afford to hold our breath in hopes that it will – we might see the end of the conflict.

Never Again

According to Christian scriptures and doctrine, Jesus was the Son of God. He was a deity in human form. Even scripture teaches that He could have taken Himself down off of the cross – but He chose not to. If you’re a believing Christian, you are taught that the only thing that saves you from your sin is the sacrifice that Jesus willingly made through His death on the cross. Jesus’ death was necessary to atone for sin. Nobody killed Him; he went peacefully even though He could have come down with little more than a fleeting thought. Within the first few decades after Jesus’ death the new Christians were mercilessly persecuted, often being killed in every imaginative manner the Romans could conjure.

Strange, then, how Christians could become the most vicious of persecutors. To this day, Jews are the most persecuted culture in human history. While today it is largely Sharia-ruled Muslim nations that persecute the most, for a very long time Christians committed the worst crimes of all against them.

It was actually the Romans who began the trend. After the Jews of Judea – then a Roman province – revolted against Roman rule and took back some control in 70 AD, the Legion sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple. Over a million Jews were killed, while nearly 100,000 were either imprisoned or forced into slavery. Sixty years later the Romans were banning all vestiges of Jewish faith – the Torah, the High Holy Days, circumcision, eating unleavened bread, everything even remotely Jewish became illegal. By the time Constantine became the emperor, Jews were not allowed to be Roman citizens. Later, Theodosius ordered the destruction of all synagogues.

By about 610 AD, serious persecution began in Spain. All Jews in Europe were to be forced to be baptized as Christians (this resulted in Sephardic Jews, those forced to convert who secretly refused to give up their Jewish beliefs and roots or those later expelled for their refusal to convert). Jewish children age 7 and over were taken from their families and forced to be educated as Christians. In 855 AD, Jews were exiled from Italy. In 1092, the First Crusade began – and Jews were a secondary target of the Crusaders. Under the long-held belief that the Jews had murdered Jesus – which was the reason why the persecution continued even after the Romans legalized Christianity – Jews were slaughtered by Crusaders making their way to the Middle East. In 1146, the Second Crusade began with French Fr. Rudolf calling for the extermination of the Jews; a few years later, King Philip of France confiscated all land owned by Jews, banished them from France, and forced them to sell their belongings as they left. In England, King John did worse – he reclaimed Jewish land and burned their homes down to make sure they couldn’t return.

The Spanish Inquisition began in 1229, and all Jews were to either convert or leave. As the Inquisition progressed the Pope ordered priests to begin torturing Jews who refused to convert. In 1290, King Edward I (famously known as Longshanks) expelled all of the remaining Jews in England. In 1298, a six-month-long pogrom was carried out in Bavaria and Austria; all Jewish communities were leveled and 100,000 Jews were killed. In 1306, King Philip IV carried out another expulsion, sending over 100,000 Jews fleeing France with nothing but the clothes they wore and enough food for a single day. In 1348, the Bubonic Plague – known then as the Black Death – spread throughout Europe like wildfire. Jews were accused of starting the plague by poisoning wells. Thousands of Jews were burned at the stake, with the worst single slaughter being 160 Jews forced to dig their own mass grave (an act the Nazis would later repeat) before being burned alive in it.

Over the following centuries, millions of Jews were tortured, mutilated and murdered during cruel pogroms. Jews were banned from owning land and barred from most respectable professions – at one point the only profession Jews could legally enter was banking, leading to the now-famous Jewish proficiency in handling money and negotiating rates. Jews were banished from Poland, Portugal, France, and every other country in Europe at some time or another. Christian hero Martin Luther was famous for his seething hatred for the Jews – he wrote multiple pamphlets suggesting that Jews be rounded up and executed and their homes razed to the ground. The Nazis later used Luther’s teachings to excuse their actions when dealing with religious leaders who objected to their ideology and methods.

By the mid-1700’s, severe Antisemitism had spread to Russia and pogroms began there as well. In the 1800’s, Pope Pius IX called for the ban of Jews in the Vatican to be enforced anew. By the end of WWI, the Jews were being accused of all kinds of nonsensical things, from betraying Germany to loss in the Great War to hatching a secret conspiracy to dominate the world by forcing Christian nations to go to war with each other. Then came the Nazis and Shoah.

Today, large groups of people all over the world decry Israel as an apartheid state. I never learned anything about the realities of being Jewish throughout history in school; I had to teach myself. Even now American churches don’t talk about what Christians did to the Jews for centuries. They’ll talk all day about the Muslim persecution of Jews in the modern age, but they often won’t face what supposed believers subjected them to since the early days of their faith. Liberal Christians won’t even agree that Israel has a right to exist and to defend herself.

What else do you expect a culture to do when every nation in the world makes clear that they don’t want them? What do you expect them to do after they spend centuries living in fear of torture, exile, or death simply because they are Jewish? When you cruelly persecute a people long enough, they’ll eventually be willing to do just about anything to finally have peace – even if it means taking back a sliver of land that they haven’t inhabited in eons and forming an army to defend it. Yet despite the constant hatred and abuse, the Jews have still tried desperately to live in peace. They have only fought as a last resort, when talks fail and all that is left is to flex their muscles to show that they will not be bullied. That is the meaning of the national motto, “Never Again.”

Never again will we hide who we are. Never again will we be forced from our homes for no other reason than the fact that we are Jews. Never again will we be forced to denounce the God who has believed in us even when we didn’t believe in Him. At the same time, never again will we stand by while one group victimizes another simply for being who they are.

The next time you want to accuse the Jews of being unfair, consider this history. Meditate on the fact that they have suffered for innumerable generations the kind of cruelty and indignity that was never even shown to slaves. They have brought life to a lifeless strip of useless desert that the Arab Muslims never cared about until the Jews wanted it. They have shown kindness to all people, including the sick children of their enemies. I have more respect for Benjamin Netanyahu than I have for my own President, and it takes a lot of effort to make that happen.

By Proclamation Of The One

Apparently, June is now GLBT Pride month. So saith President Obama, who – upon making his declaration – once again took the moment to bang on his chest about all he has done for the gay community.

Gag me.

I don’t need to go through all of the reasons why he is not our friend again. You can read what I had to say about that here. What I am going to do is pull back the blinds on an issue that irks me – one you’d think gays and lesbians in the US would be more conscientious about.

Gay rights in the Middle East.

President Obama makes grand speeches like the one he made just a few days ago, regaling us all with tales of his “partnership” with the gay community and his belief that we should be equal, but he openly ignores the plight of gays and lesbians in the Middle East. In Iran, gay men are hung publicly. In Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, and especially Saudi Arabia, gay men are beaten, starved, tortured, stoned and beheaded. What’s more, the same things are done by the supposedly peace-loving Palestinians – uneasy neighbors to Israel.

What should be heartwarming is the fact that Israel welcomes gay people. There is no legal discrimination (with the exception of a ban on gay adoptions, which can easily be circumvented there, as opposed to here). Gay pride parades can happen in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem without fear of bombings or shootings because they are protected by police and IDF. Gay tourism in Tel Aviv has grown, and this year’s pride festival drew more attendees from Israel and Europe than most US pride festivals. Tel Aviv is listed as one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities – I dare say because there are very few, if any, Palestinians there.

Go ahead, call me a hatemonger. I don’t hate them – I just don’t trust them.

I am damn proud to be an American, but I am mortified that my President will proclaim an entire month gay pride month while he throws billions of dollars in cash and weapons at nations that would see my people rounded up and slaughtered if they could get away with it (both gays and Jews). Celebrities in my country of birth claim to support my rights as a lesbian to live freely and openly while also attacking the only nation in the Middle East that allows gay people to live in the open and cares when one of us is attacked or murdered. I am disgusted that so many people of note in America are so willing to be so hypocritical and excuse themselves as somehow more “moral” than I am.

June is also cat adoption month. It has gone ignored by Obama.

You know what else it is? This is very personal for me – PTSD awareness month. This is where I come out of the closet. I have PTSD.

The details are my business, but until I was diagnosed in 2009 I struggled with depression, memories that I couldn’t get rid of, flashbacks, panic attacks – the whole nine yards. I knew something was off but I couldn’t tell what until I met a therapist who put it all together. Right now, that therapist is the only reason I’m still in the Phoenix area. I have made incredible strides toward having something resembling a normal life only to have liberals in the past few months saying publicly that I should have certain rights – particularly my Second Amendment rights – taken away because I’m somehow dangerous. June is the month set aside to bring attention to those with PTSD, and Obama all but thumbed his nose at it when he decided to declare it gay pride month.

I am insulted. I feel like I’m being slapped in the face by a government that refuses to acknowledge my right to disagree. I am being lied to by a man who claims to care about my rights as a lesbian, yet cares nothing for the gay and lesbian victims all over the Middle East who fear death every day. I refuse to accept his proclamation. As soon as Obama stops trying to pander to groups that he refuses to help protect overseas, I’ll believe he cares about my rights.

What Right Did They Have?

(Author’s Note: my good friend Meredith wrote an excellent piece on the recent emerging stories of journalists being intimidated by members of the Obama administration. Click here, read, and give her some love!)

Someone whose opinion I have long valued just dropped a bomb on me. He no longer believes that the Jews had a right to found the Nation of Israel.

His question to me? “What right did the Jews have to displace the people living in the Palestinian Mandate?”

I’m going to answer that here, because apparently The Economist ignores the fact that Israel has the highest standard of living in the Middle East and believes that Israel had no right to be founded. The common argument has become one of turning the spotlight on us (deflecting is a poor way of winning an argument, by the way) – how would we, as Americans, feel if the Mexicans decided that they wanted to finally carry out Reconquista and take back the Southwestern United States by force? Well, first of all, Mexico wasn’t originally Mexico – it was taken over by the Spaniards, and if you really wanna get technical, there are indigenous people who were murdered and displaced by the ancestors of today’s Mexicans, so really, they don’t have a claim to their own land if you look at it that way.

But I digress.

Nations and cultures the world over have hated the Jews for centuries. If you go back far enough, it really started with Roman Christians a few generations after the crucifixion of Jesus blaming the Jews for “murdering” Him. (Side note: my take on that is that it’s ridiculous to blame the Jews. Jesus Himself didn’t have to die – He could have killed everyone who came for Him with a snap of His fingers, but He made the choice to go to His death willingly because all of mankind needed a way to get to God, and His sacrifice was that way.) This attitude carried over until the mid-1400’s, when Jews were restricted to very, very few professions – one of them being the middle-age version of banking. For centuries, it was one of the only real professions Jews were ever allowed to hold anywhere. They became adept at saving, lending, and larger economic principles because they had to.

Jews scattered to the four corners of the world never lost their longing to return to the Israel that had been founded by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In 1881, the First Aliyah began due to severe persecution of Jews worldwide – pogroms in Europe and Russia. In Russia, the assassination of Alexander II ended up being blamed on the Jews and they had to flee en masse. The overwhelming majority of the 3 million or so Jews came to the United States, but about 25,000 went to the area that once was Israel – which, at the time, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire.

At the time, there were already sizable Jewish enclaves in major cities in the area, particularly Jerusalem. The financial industry wasn’t established at all in the region, and most of the new settlers had absolutely no farming experience, so a British lord (whose name escapes me at the moment) gave them some help.

In 1904, the Second Aliyah began – and more than 40,000 Jews immigrated to the region, all expelled from Russia and Yemen. The Kishinev Pogrom kicked it off. In April 1903, an article in an anti-Semitic Russian publication claimed that a boy found dead and a young girl who committed suicide and was declared dead at a Jewish hospital were actually murdered by Jews who wished to use their blood in the preparation of matzah for Passover. The pogrom was led by Russian Orthodox priests and calls to kill the Jews were made as entire Jewish neighborhoods were leveled. By the time it was over, 49 Jews were dead, nearly 600 wounded and thousands were homeless. The very next year, Aliyah began – and in 1905, a second pogrom born of anti-Czar protests left 19 Jews dead, more than 50 wounded and hundreds more homeless.

It should be no surprise that Theodor Herzl would give birth to the World Zionist Organization. Jews were hated everywhere, to the point of mass murder. They needed a home – more than they knew. With the fall of the Ottoman Empire during WWI, the area known as Palestine (so named by the Romans, “Palestina”) became a tribal area with no government. Arabs quarreled with Jews in the area, sometimes had all-out battles with them, but that was nothing new – Jews weren’t wanted anywhere they went. The Russian Revolution led to the murder of 100,000 Jews and another 500,000 being turned out of their homes.

Then came the Nazis and Shoah. The pogroms escalated until Jews were forced out of their businesses, then their homes, then their ghettos – then their lives. between six and eight million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis (along with three million other “undesirables”, including homosexuals and gypsies). By the time Shoah had begun, there were around 200,000 Jews living in the British Mandate of Palestine. Muslims in the area rioted in 1920, protesting continuing Aliyah. Also, America had enacted severe limitations on immigration and the British were tired of trying to quell Muslim riots against Jewish immigration so they banned Jews from immigrating to the area – the Jews literally had nowhere to go. They had to immigrate in secret.

The area known as Palestine has never been an actual nation. It was originally a tribal region populated by farmers and shepherds until the Muslims came in and slaughtered them all – by 1938, the Palestinians were made up of the descendents of the Muslims who invaded and took the area by force (which led to the Crusades, but that’s a different argument). Jews made up nearly 35% of the population in the region by the end of WWII. Muslims in Palestine were so opposed to the Jews living there that Britain finally had to give up and leave. While the entire area from the Mediterranean all the way to the Eastern border of modern-day Jordan was originally supposed to be Israel, The United Nations had to come up with a compromise. The Jews needed a home, and the Muslims in the Palestinian Mandate hated the Jews just as much as the Russians and Europeans did. Their compromise? Two states: one for the Jews, one for the Muslims. 20% of the land originally promised as Israel became Eretz Israel. The rest became Transjordan.

On May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion declared Israeli independence. On May 15, every surrounding nation – Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria – declared war and attacked Israel. Some 700,000 Palestinians left – many will try to tell you that they were kicked out, but in reality, the majority of them left of their own volition. Only about 100,000 had been expelled from their homes and Israel later offered to allow them to come back, even offered citizenship and full rights as Israeli citizens; they all refused. It was Muslim Palestinians who began the violence against Jews settling in the area, and the Jews had to fight back; eventually they started hitting back afterwards to make it clear that they weren’t going to be pushovers. It still hasn’t ended.

Israel today is more accepting than any other Mideast nation. Whereas gays and lesbians are tortured and killed by Muslims in neighboring countries, they are welcomed in Israel. The Israelis have also contributed more to science, agriculture and economic issues than all of the Islamic republics combined. Yet we have gay groups in America standing against Israel and supporting groups that would murder them if they visited.

Golda Meir, one of my heroes, said quite succinctly, “there will only be peace when the Palestinians decide they love their children more than they hate us.”

What right did they have? I think it’s pretty clear.