Reading Assignment

I finally picked up “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now. I’m just about done with it, and I can tell you that it’s pretty good stuff. Every conservative should read it and absorb it. It is tight, concise, informative and brilliant. It also provides plenty of ammunition for your battles with liberals (or Statists as Levin would call them).  My favorite quote from the book can be found in his chapter regarding “Faith and the Founding.

Science is a critical aspect of human existence, but it cannot address the spiritual nature of man.  In this respect, science is a dead end around which the Atheist refuses to reason.  Reason itself informs man of its own limitations and, in doing so, directs him to discovery of a force greater than himself – a supernatural force responsible for the origins of not only human existence, but all existence, and which itself has always existed and will always exist.

On immigration, Levin states:

No society can withstand the unconditional mass migration of aliens from every corner of the earth.  The preservation of the nation’s sovereignty, and the culture, language, mores, traditions, and customs that make possible a harmonious community of citizens, dictate that citizenship can be granted only by the consent of the governed – not by the unilateral actions or demands of the aliens – and then only to aliens who will throw off their allegiance to their former nation and society and pledge allegiance to America.

Levin also bravely confronts Republicans who, with the exception of 8 years under Reagan “remain on a glide path set by Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal.”  He decries the fact that Republicans seem more interested in winning elections and satisfying electorates, “and so prefer to tinker ineffectively and timidly on the edges.”  He notes:

If the bulk of the people reject civil society for the Statists’ Utopia, preferring subjugation to citizenship, then the end is near anyway.  But even in winning an election, governing without advancing first principles is a hollow victory indeed.”

I think we have seen enough of that recently.  Everyone should read this manifesto.  Levin’s historical examples and uncanny insight into the cold, dark souls of the Statists and their allies in the media and the judiciary is really eye-opening.

Two thumbs up from me!