Thinking About Newt

Last night on Greta’s program following the debate, Sarah Palin joined the Fox News host to discuss the candidates.  I agree with Palin’s assessment of not getting a whole heck of a lot out of it other than some usual banter between the candidates.  However; I did take note later in the segment when she began to say that Newt Gingrich would “clobber” Barack Obama in a debate.

One of the reasons my heart was so broken after Palin announced she wasn’t running is because I truly supported her positions and her “plan” which she laid out in Indianola, Iowa at the speech she delivered on September 3rd.

1.) Eliminate corporate income tax.  This gives corporations less incentives for lobbyists as they won’t be seeking tax breaks and favors.  It cuts the crony capitalism which I believe is going on with a couple other of our candidates.  It makes America the most attractive place in the world to do business in.

2.) True stimulus = robust and aggressive development of our own resources here at home.  This will create about a million GOOD-PAYING jobs.

3.) Entitlement reform.  As Palin said, we MUST deal with it.  If not, the European markets will force us to deal with it down the road.

4.) Repeal Obama Care. 

5.) Return power back to the states.

Immediately after her speech in Iowa, Newt immediately pounced on it and had it analyzed by his campaign.  He then said to Greta:

Governor Palin’s speech in Iowa last weekend on crony capitalism and on the problems of both parties is a very, very important speech. I’m going to be tweeting a link to it. I’m also going to be doing some other things with it. I think it was maybe one of the most important speeches she’s ever given, and I think it raised a series of very profound questions that all of us — Democrat and Republican — have to wrestle with as citizens. And she did it very well. It’s a very, very impressive speech.”

You can see the video over at Texans for Sarah Palin.

The night of Palin’s announcement, she said that many current candidates had already began contacting her to meet with her.  The article posted to Politico the day after reported that Newt was one who reached out to her — even seeking her endorsement.

Further, Newt went on to defend her “Death Panels” comment in the last debate.

Since I cannot have Sarah Palin, the emphasis myself and many contributing writers over at C4P are doing are focusing on the remaining candidates as well as the House and Senate, using Governor Palin’s platform as our guide.  You can catch my last analysis on the Missouri Senate Race here.

While Newt has a few skeletons of infidelity in his closet, the remaining candidates for President bring their own baggage as well.  But without a doubt, I agree that among all of them, the biggest asset of intellectual firepower we have is Speaker Gingrich. 

Maybe I’m almost there.  😉

Any thoughts?

Newt’s campaign website.