The Pot Calling the Kettle “Inexperienced”

I feel like cussing because this is so f***ing ridiculous.

On CNN’s debate, Obama actually said that of all the Supreme Court Justices he would not appoint, it would be Clarence Thomas because he was too young and inexperienced.


Man Detained for Threatening Obama Assassination

This one is quite serious actually and I am all for detaining someone like this.

Yet, I wonder how long liberals will jump to worrying about THIS GUY’S constitutional rights as they do with the ones at Guantanamo who threaten American lives everyday.

Papa Can You Hear Me?

Is it really possible that the media is that biased to ignore a story; granted by the National Enquirer, but backed up with a Photo of former Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards holding his alleged “love child?”

Indeed, nobody can pick it apart like Ann can and it really is easy to imagine what the press would be saying if these rumors; especially backed up with photos, were about Mitt Romney.

Not too long ago the MSM was certainly quick to take the word of a street-hooker in outing alleged “evangelist” Ted Haggard and plastering the news on every front page from New York to Los Angeles. 

Aside from their blatant bias, one thing Ann misses is what I contend.  Americans (even liberals) don’t expect this type of behavior out of conservatives.  Of course, we expect it out of liberals though, so perhaps a Democrat cheating on his wife and making a baby with someone else really isn’t “news.”

It’s amazing.  The only true way for John Edwards to get his name in the headlines is for Ann Coulter to make a joke about him.

Now that she has written a column about it, we’ll see how quick Elizabeth Edwards is to call her up and challenge her.